Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Everything in Our Lives is Driven by Two Emotions, Love or Fear

I was surprised to learn that our lives are driven by two emotions: love or fear. I know what you’re thinking, “that’s not true. I feel lots of things.” While that is true, all those feelings are either driven by love or fear.

How do we know if what we’re feeling is coming from love or fear? Well these are some of the feelings associated with love:


While these feelings are associated with fear:

At every moment we are feeling something-- maybe one of the above. And when our emotions are coming from love, then we’re okay to keep doing the same. But when they are stemming from fear, we need to take notice. The problem is that we don’t set out to feel guilt, hate, greed, jealousy or resentment; but sometimes these emotions are easier to feel than those derived out of love, depending on the problem-at-hand.  
The reason we feel anything at all is based upon us thinking about a past event or a future event. If a particular past memory happened to be a pleasant one, then, automatically we probably feel joy, derived from love. And when we think about a similar experience in the future, again automatically we feel joy.

The problem occurs when the opposite is true. A negative encounter in the past produces a negative emotion, derived from fear. And, when we think about a similar experience in the future, the same negative emotions rise again.
So a quick remedy to this is to stop living in the past and/or future: for we can’t control either. The only real time we have control over is NOW. In this moment we have the option to choose how we’re going to feel about a given subject. In this moment we can choose to look at a problem from a place of love or a place of fear. This is the beauty of being a human being, free will-- in all terms. Even if someone has hurt us badly, we have the option to choose how that person’s actions will affect our lives. We can choose to forgive, to feel joy-- despite them. Or we can feel anger, and resentment. It’s all up to us!

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