Friday, February 6, 2015

What Does Each Person In Your Life Represent?

Have you ever wondered why some people remain in your life and others seem to fade out. Well, I have a thought about this.
As you know, I am an advocate for the belief, that what we think about on a constant basis, shows up in our physical reality (thoughts become things).

I believe this applies to everything that we have in our life, but for simplification purposes, I will provide examples using people.
Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re having a constant thought (which then turns into a feeling) of not being good enough. Well, the more you think like this, the stronger the feeling becomes.  And, if you sustain this feeling for a prolonged length of time, that feeling may appear in your physical reality as a person that does not treat you right. This person could be someone you know on a personal level, or on a professional level. But know this, the minute you start valuing yourself, and believing that you are good enough, that person has no choice but to either change the way they treat you, or, literally disappear from your life (thoughts become things).

I believe this is the reason why some people come and go from our lives. Every person in our life represents a small part of us—or rather a part of the thoughts and feelings we carry with us. This is precisely why they say you can’t change other people, if you don’t like how you are being treated then you must be the one to change.
Do yourself a favor and prove it to yourself. Take a look at the people in your life and discover how each one of them represents a small portion of the thoughts you carry with you.  Additionally, look back through your life, at a time when you were experiencing some emotion/problem. Then, think back to who was in your life at that time, at that point, try to identify how that person represented that very emotion/problem. Finally, recognize how once you were able to move past that emotion/problem, that person either changed along with you, or they simply disappeared from your every day life.

Till Next time