Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Stop Worrying!

Stop thinking only of yourself! Do for others!  You've heard it said more than a few times, right?
But I must confess, this is so hard. Not that I don't care for others, the environment, important causes and so on and so on but... I'm so overly distracted by my own needs that I forget to do the very thing that ensures I will move far away from my problems.

So how to do it? You just do it. 
Every single time you start to worry about ANYTHING, shift your focus!  I mean, even as simple as getting up and doing something for your husband, for you kids, for your mom, for a friend. That alone will move you from a place of "self" right into a place of "service."

Maybe at the beginning it will seem a little fake and a bit pushed, but this is what the experts say we must do in order to free ourselves of worry and/or push our goals into fast gear.

They--the experts, say that one once you take the focus off yourself and you put it on others, in helping them in some way, it magically fuels your goals/desires to super speed.

Rhonda Byrne puts it this way, think of your dreams, goals or desires as a rocket, however, a rocket can't go anywhere without "fuel."
Well, when you serve and/or do for others that's the fuel that launches your desires into action, and therefore, manifestation happens at rapid speed.
So let's do this, lets try it. The next time we are stressed over anything, lets take the focus off of us, and immediately put it on someone else, and lets see what happens. It's a win-win. You will stop worrying and at the same time you are helping someone else.

If you like, you can leave me a comment on what your results were.

Till next time!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Now What? What to do now that the kids are gone?

What to do now that the kids are gone? Do you ever ask yourself this question? 

Recently it's been on my mind. Although I'm not exactly an empty-nester-- yet, I'm real darn close and it's kinda sad.
For the last 21 years our entire life has revolved around our kids, and now that they're all grown up, it's really hard to let go. But I do find comfort in one thing, which is why I'm writing this post today. I want to remind all you parents who still have little ones, or are planning on having kids, to make sure you do the following.

1. Enjoy every minute you have with your kids, spend time with them and really be present in the moment. We always did this, and I think this is why I have no regrets. I don't feel like I missed out on anything. I really did enjoy every minute of their lives from birth to today. 

2. Don't forget about yourself though.
Yeah.  Be a great mom or dad, be there always! But, don't forget about the woman or man that you are. You are far more than just a mother or father. If you forget about yourself, and revolve your entire life around your kid's next event, when they no longer need you, it will hit you like a rock! And trust me, the day will come when they have their own car and they will drive to football practice, dance class, or whatever activity you raised them in. 

Anyway, I think the point is to have balance right? Balance is really the ruler of our lives. If you look at any part of your life where you seem to have some success is because you have found some balance.

Till next time,
Your almost empty-nester!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Do you live in "Some Day I'll" land?

How many times have you been confronted with something that stirs your soul; confronted with something that brings you pure joy? But then, "reality" sets in and you say to yourself, someday I'll...

And that's where it stays, in Someday Isle Land.
You've heard the saying don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today, well, I couldn't agree more. We are all under this false pretense that we have all the time in the world when in reality all you have is this moment, right here, right now.

If you don't take action to move toward that "thing" that you want, you will never get there. But I don't know where to start, you say, or I don't have the money
Let's say your ultimate goal is to visit Greece but you think it’s impossible because you have no money, however, you eat out three times a day, every day!

Let me give you my opinion on how you can get closer and eventually achieve your "someday I'll" dream… (I hope you can apply it to your situation)

Ultimate goal:
First, write it down, "I want to visit Greece a year from today," or next summer, next winter, next spring whatever works for you.

Monthly goal:
Second, decide what you’re going to do in the next month to get you closer to the "ultimate" goal.  Let’s say you want to have $400 saved by the end of the month.  

Weekly goal:
Third, chunk your monthly goal into a weekly goal. What will you do weekly to make sure your monthly goal is met? In other words how will you get to your $400? Let’s say that for the next month you will only eat out for dinners.

Daily goal:
Fourth, chunk it down even more. What will you do daily to make sure your weekly goal is accomplished. Let’s say you commit to packing your breakfast and lunch every day.

Tip: Don't be vague, really pin point what you're going to do and how you’re going to do it. Don't be afraid to commit to something. Once you commit you will see how fast you start moving toward your goal.

I suggest to make it fun you can start a vision board. It’s simple, go to Pinterest and start a board called my trip to Greece, or whatever... and start pinning all the things you want to see and do on your trip, what you're going to wear, what you would like to eat, etc...
This goes for any goal you have, you just have to decide what you want and make a plan on how you're going to get it. 

Let me remind you once again of a "tip" that I find is most important, be specific when setting your monthly and weekly goals. Don't be afraid to set goals because you think you won't reach them. YOU WILL reach them. If you want this "thing" bad enough, reaching your weekly and monthly goals will not seem like a chore or a challenge but rather they will excite you and give you clear direction on how to get closer to your ultimate goal. 

I promise you that with these small changes you will reach your goal and it will be one less dream living in Someday Isle Land.

Till next time :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013


This may become a trend, I'm not sure, but this is what I love right now. What the heck am I talking about you ask?? I'm talking about Oprah's Supersoul Sunday guests--love them.

Coincidentally, her featured guest had shown up on my radar about two weeks ago and I was determined to buy his book. But then, I got sidetracked and I didn't get it. But leave it to the world to nudge me again, and so he showed up on Supersoul Sunday. I'm referring to Steven Pressfield.

He spoke about lots of amazing things, however, I will touch upon one topic that slapped me in the face.

He spoke about Resistance. Resistance is what happens when you try to move from a lower level to a higher level. In other words when you've decided enough is enough, I want a change, and in that moment you decide on all the great things you're going to do. You write out a detailed plan of exactly how you're going to better yourself, THEN SOMETHING HAPPENS that interferes with every single thing you've just written out. That my friends is Resistance, and it is THEN when you MUST KEEP GOING, because it is THEN when you will OBTAIN the very change you're seeking for.

I'll give you a quick example. One of my biggest blocks in my life is the fear of public speaking.
Yeah.. ironic since I am a writer and I have this little blog here and I hope to someday be able to bring my message to the masses in person, on stage, around the world. So you see how a fear of public speaking could really be an obstacle in my life.

Anyway, I recently decided to go back to school, and get a degree in creative writing, but because of some unforeseen problems, I had to register late and the classes that were open were very scarce. But, I was determined to start this semester. In addition, I'm under some really strict rules by the school that I cannot fail any classes or I will lose my funding. So in search of classes I found that the only classes available were three classes that required me to TO SPEAK IN FRONT OF THE CLASS. Can you believe it!!! Not one class, but all three.  Now what to do?? Here were my options.

1. Die
2. Don't start school
3. Just do it

I decided dying was not really going to work for me, so I decided to just DO IT... and yesterday was my first day back in school after 10 years...
Thank you, thank you.

But what was even better, was that for the first time in my life I had a completely different approach to this public speaking business. I eliminated any negative talk AND I didn't envision a terrible outcome at the end of my speaking. Instead, I VOLUNTEERED to SPEAK FIRST IN BOTH CLASSES. (I have the third class today) That's right! I pushed through the Resistance because I have a big goal and I won't stop til I reach it. The more I push through and get through every uncomfortable speaking situation is a step closer to my goal.

So once again, here I go encouraging you to go outside your comfort zone because what you call "your comfort zone" is what's keeping you from fulfilling your souls true calling in life. Steven Pressfield says something like this, if you could live your life according to the dictates of your soul then your life would be completely different than what it is today.  Ponder that for while.
Here's the link to purchase his book: The War of Art- By Steven Pressfield on Amazon

If you want to hear it straight from Mr. Pressfield himself go to: http://www.oprah.com/own-super-soul-sunday/Steven-Pressfield-Discusses-the-Things-We-Resist-Most-in-Life-Video

Till next time :)