Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to Find Your Muse

I've learned that the best way to find my muse is to look for examples of those who are already doing what I want. This brings me to Shannon Kaiser. Kaiser is a best-selling author, travel writer and life coach.

Kaiser left her career in advertising to follow her dreams of being a writer. Through her YouTube channel and Play with the World website  I’ve been able to follow her journey around the world.  Kaiser is proof that living the life we want is possible. The key is to recognize what each of us—individually want. We are all different human beings with different wants and needs, and as such we must be clear on what we desire. Some of us may be happy climbing the corporate world, acquiring tons of titles, degrees and initials after our name, but others may not.  Being crystal clear about our goals is an important step in finding our muse.
People like Kaiser inspire me because she serves as a reminder that what I want is possible. Not long ago she was working the 9-5 (and then some) corporate world, and by her own admission she was riveted by depression and anxiety. She knew things had to change, that a major transformation had to take place, if for no other reason, for her health.

Though quitting her job did come with the natural fears--those that come with leaving our financial securities behind,  she didn’t give herself the option to turn back, she jumped all in. She decided that going forward she would only work on what she loved, work that brought her joy. After a short time Kaiser created a life that she loved. She got an agent, she got published, she travels the world writing about her experiences and she's a life coach. Because of her hard work and dedication, people have taken notice: Kaiser was named Top 100 Women to Watch in Wellness by Mind Body Green.
No matter what our dreams, it is important to find others who are doing what we sometimes deem “impossible.” By doing so we are reminded that we too can do it.

So go on, seek and you shall find the inspiration you need.

Till Next Time

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Nyle DiMarco: Redefining Our Beliefs

Every now and then I come across people that inspire me beyond measure, today, this person is Nyle DiMarco.

Nyle DiMarco is a contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and the winner of the 22nd season of Americas Next Top Model. What is so special about him you ask? Well DiMarco is deaf!  And while that alone doesn’t make him special, his determination to not let his deafness be a limitation but an asset does.
Week after week DiMarco dances with such precision and rhythm that I can't help but be baffled, yet completely inspired. Since he can’t hear the music, his only way of keeping rhythm is by being in tune with his dance partner. In my opinion he is the best dancer of this season, and is guaranteed to take home the mirror ball.

It is people like DiMarco that live to remind us that anything is possible. Sometimes we let our beliefs limit us, but he is proof that beliefs can either limit us or set us free. He could’ve listened to the belief that said, “I’m deaf, so I can’t dance—at least not well”.  Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. He, a deaf man dances—better than most on the show that can hear the music.
Let DiMarco’s serve as an example, to motivate us and push us past our own limited beliefs. What have we been telling ourselves we can’t do because of________________.  Recognize in this moment that this is the only thing preventing us from having it. Our beliefs make our lives. So let us start creating the life we came to live by eliminating our limited beliefs. With the right beliefs guiding our lives, anything is possible. Watch DiMarco dance and you'll be convinced of this!
Till Next Time!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Everything in Our Lives is Driven by Two Emotions, Love or Fear

I was surprised to learn that our lives are driven by two emotions: love or fear. I know what you’re thinking, “that’s not true. I feel lots of things.” While that is true, all those feelings are either driven by love or fear.

How do we know if what we’re feeling is coming from love or fear? Well these are some of the feelings associated with love:


While these feelings are associated with fear:

At every moment we are feeling something-- maybe one of the above. And when our emotions are coming from love, then we’re okay to keep doing the same. But when they are stemming from fear, we need to take notice. The problem is that we don’t set out to feel guilt, hate, greed, jealousy or resentment; but sometimes these emotions are easier to feel than those derived out of love, depending on the problem-at-hand.  
The reason we feel anything at all is based upon us thinking about a past event or a future event. If a particular past memory happened to be a pleasant one, then, automatically we probably feel joy, derived from love. And when we think about a similar experience in the future, again automatically we feel joy.

The problem occurs when the opposite is true. A negative encounter in the past produces a negative emotion, derived from fear. And, when we think about a similar experience in the future, the same negative emotions rise again.
So a quick remedy to this is to stop living in the past and/or future: for we can’t control either. The only real time we have control over is NOW. In this moment we have the option to choose how we’re going to feel about a given subject. In this moment we can choose to look at a problem from a place of love or a place of fear. This is the beauty of being a human being, free will-- in all terms. Even if someone has hurt us badly, we have the option to choose how that person’s actions will affect our lives. We can choose to forgive, to feel joy-- despite them. Or we can feel anger, and resentment. It’s all up to us!

Till Next Time!



Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How Changing On The Inside, Changes Your Outside

If nothing is changing on the outside, it’s because nothing has changed on the inside. I try to remember this every day, especially when things aren’t panning out exactly how I planned.
Whenever I get upset about not seeing things manifested, I’m reminded of a popular phrase that circulates around this way of thinking—thoughts become things. If you’re looking into a mirror and you don’t like your reflection, you don’t reach for the mirror trying to change the reflection there. You must be the one to change, and then, the reflection in the mirror will change. We must change the things we think about in order to see a change in the physical world.
Same goes for our lives. Aside from the obvious love I have for my family, the “thing” I value most is my freedom. Freedom to do as I please, when I please and how I please, which usually means spending time with my family and taking care of myself—exercising, meditating, traveling, shopping….

Like I’ve said before, pretty much everything in my life is damn near perfect, all but one little thing, that darn 9-5 that makes me feel stuck! However, as 2015 came to a close I was presented with an opportunity that promised to finally move my life in the direction I’d been dreaming of.  I had done it! I had manifested my freedom-- in a good positive way.  But then, fear took over, I began to panic over the uncertainty the lied ahead, and just like that, POOF my opportunity vanished.
I realized this: the reason it sometimes takes longer to see on the outside what I’m seeing on the inside is because I don’t fully believe that what I want is possible. But, every time I do believe it, once it just is-- like the air that I breathe, it ALWAYS SHOWS UP. Every time. Without fail. The reason the things I don’t want show up so much faster is because I find those things more plausible.

The lesson today is simple. In order to change the outside world, you must believe in your inside world more!
Till Next Time!