Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How Changing On The Inside, Changes Your Outside

If nothing is changing on the outside, it’s because nothing has changed on the inside. I try to remember this every day, especially when things aren’t panning out exactly how I planned.
Whenever I get upset about not seeing things manifested, I’m reminded of a popular phrase that circulates around this way of thinking—thoughts become things. If you’re looking into a mirror and you don’t like your reflection, you don’t reach for the mirror trying to change the reflection there. You must be the one to change, and then, the reflection in the mirror will change. We must change the things we think about in order to see a change in the physical world.
Same goes for our lives. Aside from the obvious love I have for my family, the “thing” I value most is my freedom. Freedom to do as I please, when I please and how I please, which usually means spending time with my family and taking care of myself—exercising, meditating, traveling, shopping….

Like I’ve said before, pretty much everything in my life is damn near perfect, all but one little thing, that darn 9-5 that makes me feel stuck! However, as 2015 came to a close I was presented with an opportunity that promised to finally move my life in the direction I’d been dreaming of.  I had done it! I had manifested my freedom-- in a good positive way.  But then, fear took over, I began to panic over the uncertainty the lied ahead, and just like that, POOF my opportunity vanished.
I realized this: the reason it sometimes takes longer to see on the outside what I’m seeing on the inside is because I don’t fully believe that what I want is possible. But, every time I do believe it, once it just is-- like the air that I breathe, it ALWAYS SHOWS UP. Every time. Without fail. The reason the things I don’t want show up so much faster is because I find those things more plausible.

The lesson today is simple. In order to change the outside world, you must believe in your inside world more!
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