Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Answering the Call of Inspiration

What is inspiration? Is it something that only applies to those in the creative field? Or is inspiration something we all have access to?

Inspiration is kind-of-a tricky thing. It doesn’t warn us when it’s coming. Or how it’s coming. Or even what topic it will lay upon our heart. The only promise it makes is that it will come to all of us.
So, what will you do with it when it comes? Will you even recognize it when it’s upon you--begging you to help it take form? And if you do recognize it, will you put it off till later? Or will you do something about it? This is exactly what I want to talk to you about. Adhering to the call of inspiration.
Inspiration can hit any of us at any time. It can whisper in our ear as we sleep. Or it can shout at us while we drive. It will swirl around us for days, months, sometimes even years. But with each passing hour that we don’t answer, we take the chance of inspiration leaving us. This is not to say that it won’t come back again, but more than likely not with the same inspiration.

How many times have you had a great idea, one that won’t leave you alone? You think about it all the time and get goose-bumps at the thought of “it” coming to fruition. But because you did nothing about it, later you see someone else “took” your idea.  Well, that idea wasn’t taken from you. You gave it away.  
Inspiration occurs for a reason, it wants to be created. It must find its way into the world and it has come to you to make it happen. But you can be sure of this; if you don’t answer its call, it will find a new host. We all get those bursts of inspiration, it’s up to us to listen and take action.

So this, is this week’s call to action. The next time inspiration comes knocking at your door, whispering things like, I should write down this recipe, you should do it. Or I think having a store selling “____” is a great idea. You should do it. Or I really like writing, or singing or acting, or being a coach or a teacher or a mechanic. You should do it. Get the point?
Inspiration will come to each of us in different ways, and it is our duty to obey for the advancement of the world. Think about all the amazing things we would be missing out on if others had ignored their inspiration like sometimes we ignore ours. People like Walt Disney and JK Rowling have made amazing contributions to the entertainment world because they listened.  This goes for all industries--all inspiration matters. So go ahead, listen closely to what inspiration is trying to have you do and DO IT.  
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