Saturday, February 9, 2013

To My Son :)

So yesterday in honor of black history month my son's high school put on a show. My son Dylan, aka KidD Ace was one of the entertainers and he decided to participate by performing a tribute to the king of Pop, Michael Jackson. For years Dylan has admired Michael Jackson's talent, to the point of driving us all crazy by constantly playing his concerts and songs over and over again. But truth be told--I wouldn't have it any other way. Yesterday was a true testament to how far hard work and dedication can take you. Not only did he choreograph the dance, (originally choreographed by Michael Jackson) but he also choreographed lighting, edited the music and video. (So Talented!!) Watching him perform brought me to tears. His dedication, passion and love for the craft is inspiring. I pray that he always remembers what that felt like and that he always does what he loves. It was an amazing feeling as a mom seeing him come full circle. The first time he performed on stage was at the age of four when he was in prekindergarten, and now to see him perform as a senior was one of the best moments of my life. I am so proud of him!!!! I want to share his performance with you. Enjoy!!!!!


  1. He extrememly talented! I wish him all the best and hope he follows all his dreams!!

  2. Awesome!!! Such a talented family!