Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My guilt free day.

So this is me pretty much every day when it comes to exercising. Every morning I set the alarm for 5 am! "
But when it goes off, I say "I'll do it after work." But then, after spending all day at the office.
And driving for an hour in crazy traffic!
The last thing I want to do is workout.
But for some reason I can't let it go. I can't just say, "ok so working out isn't for me." I just can't... So this morning as I lay in bed (after snoozing the alarm) I had some sort of revelation. I realized I had to stop the madness, this vicious cycle, of saying I'll do it later, because later never comes. It's ridiculous to not give myself at least 30 minutes a day to better myself. Especially since it's something that makes me feel so good when it's over. So I got up and did yoga before work this morning and all day long I felt great; one, because I'd done it and two, because I didn't have to worry about it after work.
If the guilt gets you the way it does me, then just do it....


  1. Good for you. You're my inspiration! My motivational quote is "You can't make footprints in the sand while sitting on the couch".

  2. Awe Thank you. That's what I want, to inspire!