Thursday, December 31, 2015

What Now, Another Year Over, A New One Just Begun

So another year has come and gone, and although for some of you it hasn’t been a perfect year, the one thing you should take away is that despite everything, YOU ARE STILL HERE. As far as I’m concerned this means you had a great year.
I for one, found 2015 to be one of the most successful year’s to date, as far as setting goals and achieving them is concerned. Many of you have heard this before, especially from me, but I can’t stress enough the importance of writing down your goals so that you have a clear idea of what it is that you want. Once you set the goal, then it’s time to plan, plan, plan.

The idea of writing down your New Year’s resolution didn’t just come as a way to make just another tradition. The reason it is so popular on January 1st is because it feels like a clean start, the old is behind and the new is ahead. So, if this feeling of starting with a clean canvas inspires you, then take advantage of the energy you’re feeling about it and once and for all GO FOR IT.

A tip on getting started: I’m all about ambiance, so I think it’s important to set the right mood when writing your goals and setting up your plan. Do whatever makes you happy. Turn down the lights, pour a glass a wine, buy a new journal, and pick out your favorite pen. Then, begin to brain storm. Write down all the things that in the past year you have said wouldn’t it be nice. Once you write them down, then, decide what you’re going to do each day to get you there.
After January 1st, don’t just put the journal away—not to be seen again until January 1st of the following year, keep it by your bedside. Read it each night before falling asleep, and in the morning upon rising. And most of all don’t worry if results don’t show up within 24 of writing your goals (though some may). The thing to remember is that life IS A JOURNEY, not trying to sound cliché, but it is true, a fact. You, living your daily life, is a journey. Now, you are in control of where you steer the wheel of your life; will you steer it toward your goals, or will you continue to leave it on auto pilot steering you nowhere?

I hope that this upcoming year all of your dreams come true or at the very least you get closer than you’ve ever had before. But most of all that love, peace, and happiness is the driving force behind every one of your desires!
Till Next Time!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

If Not Now, When!

I watched a clip of Oprah Winfrey announcing that she is joining Weight Watchers, further declaring that every moment of her life has not been wasted and that each time she tried and failed has led her to this moment in her life where she is asking; if not now, when?
So dear readers, as another year comes to a close, I ask that you take stock of your life. Take with you all the great memories you’ve made, and leave behind those that don’t serve you. But most of all, have a full understanding that if you tried to make a change this year in any area of your life, but you didn’t succeed (by your standards) all is not lost. Whether you can see it or not, progress was made. A seed was planted. Now it is time to cultivate. Reassess your goals, set deadlines and make an action plan that will lunge you straight into seeing results. Because if not now, then when?

In my own life I have accomplished things this year that at one point I thought I never would:
  • I got one of my degrees (something I started over 20 years ago)
  • I started my own business
  • Being healthy and active is now a regular part of my life, not something I wish for
  • I completed my 2nd novel, and got feedback from literary agents (this one, I’m especially proud of. I’ve only been writing since 2009 and when I send my queries out my heart is my throat. So when I finally get feedback, when they actually request my manuscript, words cannot express the relief and joy I feel at knowing that I am growing. I am changing. I am progressing.)
The constant thing I have done throughout this entire year is that I look for ways to get inspired daily. I have to learn, to listen to others advise, to their thoughts, to their own journey in this life. I am constantly learning and getting motivated. So I hope that this year, and years to come, my blog is that place for you. A place where you can come get inspired and get a fire under your butt that will get you to live YOUR VERY BEST LIFE.  As I usually do, I will ask you to take the challenge of taking your life into your own hands, and take whatever steps necessary to reach your goals, because if not now, then when?
Till Next Time.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

BE WHO YOU ARE: Accept no substitutes!!!

A thought has been swirling in my head for some time now. Typically, it pops in my head when I see someone doing what they love to do.
I used to sit back in complete awe when watching people doing what they love. Wondering over and over how they got to be so successful… or, thinking wow, look how lucky THEY are... But now, the thought has been replaced with this. When I see someone doing what they “want” to do professionally—whether it is singing, dancing, writing, acting, (can you tell what my interests’ are?) I know that the reason they have achieved success is because they are just being who they are! “What?” You say…

Think about it this way. Who are you? Are you that nine to fiver that sits at her cubicle all day just watching time pass by? Or, are you this vibrant being, one that IS a writer, a chef, a teacher? The easiest and fastest way to start being that person is to simply BE WHO YOU ARE. Accept no substitutes!!!

Often times, this is referred to as “fake it till you make it.” But the truth is you don’t have to fake it. Just be! Just believe you are that person, and then you are! As an example, I’ll provide this: let us say you want to be a pastry chef, but you barely have time to bake because you are stuck at your job all day, then you get home and have to take care of your family. Overtime, you begin to take on the identity of an employee with a stable job and benefits, with weekends and holidays off. This is now your life and worse of all, who you identify yourself as being. HOWEVER, if you decide that this is not who you are. That this is not the life you came to live. Then you will soon discover NEW ways to start doing the things you love. A note to remember: just because you’re not getting paid, it does not mean that you are not that person.  Money is not the approval stamp that determines who you are.  
However, in continuing with the above example, if someone were to ask you, so what do you do? Your answer should ALWAYS be “I’m a pastry chef.” Because once you believe it, miracles will start heading your way. That very person that asked what you do, can connect you with someone that will meet your financial needs. This is something that would have NEVER happened had you said, “I work for so and so.” Yuk!! Get those words out of your mouth and start being WHO YOU ARE. There is no other person you should be.

 Till Next Time!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge, Insight Into Why You Don't Achieve Results

I started reading Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge and his ideas are refreshing in that he provides a new outlook on how to truly make a change. When it comes to making life changes, you’ve heard it before, we all say the same things, however, Olson tells us that the problem is not that we don’t know “how to do it”—God knows we are inundated with “how to” materials. The problem is, in simple terms the “Slight Edge.”

He provides examples such as, let us say we have two people, one chooses to eat a pizza for lunch, the other a salad. In the immediate, there is no change, one is not suddenly more healthy, and the other more unhealthy. However, overtime, these types of choices is what gives the person eating healthy the slight edge. That person, overtime, will be healthier and look better, while the other person will not.

The problem is not that we don’t know “how” to do it; it is that we don’t do it. Partly to blame is the fact that we live in world that wants everything NOW, results now. Money now. Perfect body now. Happy marriage now.  However, that is not possible, especially if you want to attain AND sustain true AND lasting results. We must plant, cultivate and harvest. The problem, says Olsen, is that most of us want to skip the cultivating period.

I could not agree more. It is the little things you do moment by moment that ultimately creates you! Will you spend your money on the slots, or will you invest so that money can grow? Will you eat that sneakers bar or will reach for the apple instead? You may not see the result that day, or even the next. But one thing is guaranteed, when you cultivate what you’ve planted, results are inevitable.

So what will you plant? The dream of purchasing your first home? Finally getting the health and body you’ve been wanting? Whatever it is, just remember this, change is happening, even if you can’t see it yet.
Till Next Time!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What Direction are You Moving In?

Did you know that we are always moving in the direction that causes us less pain? You say what??
I know what you’re thinking, “nope! That’s definitely not true because every day I go to my god-awful dead-end job, which is most definitely causing me pain. If that were true, then I’d be moving in the direction of my dream job instead of my job.”

Well hold on now…   I don’t disagree that you may perceive your situation as painful. But the truth is that no matter how painful your “job” may be, something in your perception of your dream job is actually MORE painful than your current job/situation.  "An example please?” you say. “Well of course.”

Let us take the above example. You hate your job and you want to quit and start your own business. So why aren’t you just moving in the direction of starting your business, or why don’t you have it already? One reason could be because even though you HATE your job (pain) the thought of the instability that comes with starting your business is more painful. Therefore, as long as you have that belief you will NEVER achieve your goal of starting your own business.

“So what do I do?” you say desperately.
“Glad you asked?”

Here are three steps to help get clear:
1.      Identify: Analyze your wants and desires, is there an area in your life that you constantly struggle with and can’t seem to get it right, maybe it’s your career or your exercise regimen or your love life. Whatever it is, you first have to get clear.
2.      Get real: Now that you have decided what you want to improve, now it’s time to understand why you don’t have it. What is the “story” you have been telling yourself about why you can’t or don’t have “it.” For example, if you find yourself writing down, I’m out of shape because I have no time to exercise; now you know why you are out of shape, because in your eyes, you literally have no time.
3.      Change your story: Here’s where the magic happens, in sticking with the above example, tell yourself this, I have all the time I need to fit-in my exercise routine so that I can accomplish my desired goal.

If you’re getting some mental resistance on step 3, think about it this way. Really?? You have noooooo time? There is no way you have noooooo time. In reality, you are choosing to have no time. You can wake up 30 minutes earlier, or don’t watch your favorite TV show, or don’t take your full one hour lunch, instead split it, walk for 30 eat for 30. You see, where there’s a will, there a way.

My point is this, when doing the above steps you should not lie to yourself, during these steps you should acknowledge the lies/stories that have been preventing you from having the life you want. By doing so, you will move past the excuses and right into results.
Till Next Time!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"Year of Yes" Shonda Rhimes- A pledge we should all take!

I recently read the newly released book by Shonda Rhimes “Year of Yes”. Rhimes is the creator and writer of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.” I was so inspired and motivated by her story that I just had to share.
It never occurred to me that someone the likes of Shonda Rhimes, having three of the most popular televisions programs on air at this time, struggled with self-confidence, among many other things. She was shy, introverted and never said yes to anything. She begins by recalling what ultimately led to her “Year of Yes”. She was in the kitchen with her sister reciting all the invitations she had received to speak here and there, when her sister asked, “Well, are you going to go?” to where Rhimes responded by saying “Well of course not.” In her mind, that was obvious, after all, she had things to take care of, her kids, her home, not to mention that she had three TV programs to run. This left her sister uttering six little words that would change the course of Shonda’s life, “You never say YES to anything.”
Her sister’s words haunted her days after, and so she decided to take action; Shonda decided that for the next year she was going to say YES to everything! Following through 100%, Shonda said good-bye to her fear of public speaking, she said hello to making time for her kids, which included not working on the weekends and turning off her phone after 7pm, and she said good-bye to 127 lbs.

She has said that she is not the same person following the “Year of Yes,” a practice she is upholding even now, after “her year” is over.
The take away here is the same as always, look inward. In what ways are you like Shonda. In what ways have you been saying no to things that could ultimately, drastically change your life? If you know exactly what that is, then do as she has done, and start saying yes because the result could be life altering, in the best way possible.

This is my new pledge for the upcoming year, to say yes to everything that scares me. Like Rhimes, I have an incredible fear of public speaking, which I believe is holding me back professionally. I know that once I release that fear, opportunities will start to flood my way, and I can’t wait! So take the challenge, begin now, or prep up for the start of 2016 and decide that this will be the year that your life will change!
Till Next Time!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Is This All There Is To Life?

Have you ever asked yourself, is this it? Is this all there is? Is this the best I have to offer? If you have, most definitely the answer to that question is no, it is not “it”.
Often times we feel guilty for even asking the above questions because a lot of us are considered to be the “lucky” ones. After all, we have our health, a happy family, money, and and…. the list could go on and on. However, just because you want more does not mean that you are taking all those amazing things you already have for granted. It simply means that you are ready to expand and add to your life.
It is in our nature to move through time yearning for progress, and questioning what we have or how far we’ve come is our soul’s attempt to wake us up, to alert us that as long as we are here, we are not done. Some of us seek to progress in our careers, or in our personal relationships or simply progress as a human being. There’s no reason to feel guilty over this. You can have an immense gratitude for your life and for the people in it, and still want more. Your desire to want “more” will never stop, so might as well stop the struggle and lean into it.

There are three simple steps you can take starting today that will help get you going:

1.    Stop the Guilt: Freely ask, seek, and go for what you want without feeling badly about it. After all, you have what you have now (love, money, career) because at some point you decided you wanted those things. In the same way, ask now, guilt free.

2.     Make a small change: If you want to see a difference in your life then you MUST do something different, either by way of thinking differently or by taking action. Trust this, as long as you are doing the same thing day after day, nothing will change.

3.      Decide: it is imperative that your decision to take action is non-negotiable. You must commit that you will make one small change each day until you reach your set goal. You will know if you’re serious about your decision, if you stick with it. Tony Robins puts it this way, “A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.”
Most of the time, the above questions stem from some monotony that is occurring in our lives, for example, you wake up each day at the same time, drive to work the same way, go to lunch at the same place, go to bed at the same time. Routines such as these dull the soul and your purpose here on earth. Don’t get stuck, don’t wear blinders in this life time or you just might miss the best life you could have lived.
 Till Next Time!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to Tackle the Impossible Task

Have you ever had a major “must do” that you’ve been avoiding because you can’t possibly imagine how it is going to get done? Yeah. Me too...
However, if you were lucky enough to successfully come out on the other side of that dilemma, I hope that you discovered one thing. That no matter how difficult a task may be, the only way to get through it is to do it. To take action. I am certain that while you were in that moment, working toward the completion of the given task, you had several thoughts along the way.

1.       It’s not as hard as I thought

2.       I can’t believe I’m actually doing it

3.       I can’t believe I did it
There is no bigger satisfaction than to tackle what once seemed unattackable (not a word, but it’s okay) and better yet, to have destroyed it! (in a good way).

Those experiences should serve as huge reminders for you as you charge after your big goals. This is how everyone else who has reached major goals has done it. The big minds of the world didn’t accomplish life changing things because they thought it was easy. They accomplished their goal because they knew that on the other side of their uncertainty greatness awaited.
So if you’re in the middle of something that you want to tackle, whether it’s starting a new business or cleaning out your closet, I have two tips to help you get a move-on.

1.       First, decide that you will do it. This is non-negotiable.

2.       Second, take action. No matter what, do not do another thing until you start right then taking action. If you want to start a business but you have no idea where to start, then your action could be “researching” your topic. If it’s cleaning out your closet, start with one piece of clothing at a time.
That’s it! How simple is that. Once you decide that you will do it NO MATTER WHAT, and you take the first step, something magical happens. Ideas you didn’t have suddenly pop in your head. And where you first thought “there’s no way” a way will be made. Before you know it, it will be done.

I don’t know the exact science behind this miraculous process, all I know is that it works. You just have to decide you will and the rest will follow.
Till next time!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What Is Preventing You From Going For IT

I had an interesting observation today.  My entire life, I’ve been surrounded by people that in one way or another, “want” something, but aren’t going for it. Why is that? Why aren’t we all just going for it?
Often times, these desires are usually dead in the water because they have been inundated by excuses. But excuses aren’t to blame, instead, lets look at the real reason the excuses came up to begin with. Let me sum it up in one sentence. We simply don’t BELIEVE.

Really think about it, think about anything that you want, and then ask yourself why don’t you have it. At first, the excuses will come up:
  1. I don’t have the money.
  2. I don’t have the time.
  3. I’m too fat, too ugly, too old, too_______ whatever you’re “too” is.
But if you really chunk those excuses down, you’ll discover that the truth is that you don’t BELIEVE. I’ll give you my example in hopes that you can unlock your own blocks.

Me: I want to write for a living.

You: So write then.

Me: Yeah, well you see, I have a good paying job. I don’t think I can make money unless I get a major publishing deal. And, I’m busy, you know with school, work and stuff. And, and, and.

I could go on forever… But the truth is, that when I chunk it down, the reason I haven’t made writing the way in which I make money is because I don’t believe I can write. Yes, casual writing sure. But writing for a living, for other people, to be under deadlines, to be told what to write all the time… Now that, I can’t do. And so, I wallow in my stories, because they keep me safe. Miserable. But safe. The truth is, if I believed I could write, there would be nothing stopping me from applying at that great company, or going after that one great opportunity. Nothing, and I mean nothing would stop me.

If you’re not quite convinced of what I’m saying, or how it could possibly apply to you, how bout if I share a quick story with you.  

As a man was passing the elephants, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge creatures were being held by only a small rope tied to their front leg. No chains, no cages. It was obvious that the elephants could, at anytime, break away from their bonds but for some reason, they did not.

He saw a trainer nearby and asked why these animals just stood there and made no attempt to get away. “Well,” trainer said, “when they are very young and much smaller we use the same size rope to tie them and, at that age, it’s enough to hold them. As they grow up, they are conditioned to believe they cannot break away. They believe the rope can still hold them, so they never try to break free.”

The man was amazed. These animals could at any time break free from their bonds but because they believed they couldn’t, they were stuck right where they were.

Belief in what we can and can’t do is the catalyst that moves us toward our desired goal. I’ve said this before, but we must be like Jim Carey, and be a Yes Man when it comes to taking chances. But most of all, we must first believe we can, believe that we are good enough just as we are. This is a reminder to you, and me. We are a work in progress, and perfection is not needed to embark on our deepest desires.  
Till Next Time.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How to Really Use The Law Of Attraction So You Can See Results

Today I have a really awesome little nugget for you. I was listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza, a Researcher, Chiropractor, Lecturer and Author and was mesmerized by his scientific explanation on how to apply the Law of Attraction. If you want to listen to him, just do a quick search on YouTube and tons of videos will come up. Do yourself a favor and listen.
In the meantime, I’ll give you the highlights of the particular message I listened to, which was truly transformative.  Dr. Dispenza stated that these four actions determine the life that you are currently living:






BAMB! I don’t know why this time it clicked, but it did.
I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah-yeah, I’ve heard this before!”  I know! Me too. Tons of times. But something in his explanation finally hit a nerve and I immediately began to work. Feeling energized and wanting to prove to myself and others that this works, I dove in and meticulously dissected my words, my thoughts and my feelings.   Afterward, I took several steps to ensure that I would successfully accomplish a positive outcome on two particular areas of my life. And what transpired in the days that followed was mind blowing! All I can say is that this method works.

So now here’s my offer to you, oh devoted readers…if you want to achieve a certain goal in your life and you’ve tried and tried and it hasn’t worked, I believe there’s something you’re not tapping into. And I know how to get it out of you. I can help you understand why you’re not getting what you want.
If you would like to dig deeper and get results, private message me on my Facebook, Twitter, or, if we are friends and you know my number, you can text me J. I want to help!!

I’m telling you that on Day 7 of applying this method correctly, an awesome opportunity arose, and just like they say happens, it was more than I had asked for. Now, I am still in the midst of applying and seeing results, I am not a finished product, but, nevertheless, the name of the game is progress. As long as there’s progress in the right direction, then that’s what matters!

So today I challenge you to do it and prove to yourself that this works. Start seeing progress. What do you have to lose? Nothing! But, you have everything to gain from this experiment. If you really want to see a particular area of your life improve, reach out to me and I’ll guide you through the simple steps you can take to make it happen. There’s no way it won’t work if you just apply it correctly.
Till Next Time My Devoted Readers!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What Have You Been Telling Yourself You Can’t Do?

Jack Canfield told the story on how he was a student at one of Tony Robbins' seminars, one where he was required to walk on fire. He thought he couldn’t do it because he was convinced he would burn himself. Well, he summoned the courage to do it, the outcome was that he didn’t burn himself. So he then started to analyze the following question, what else have I been telling myself that I can’t do? Once he got the questions and answers, he started doing them.  How awesome is that! He wrote a book regarding the act of asking, The Aladdin Factor.
He referenced another story, he said he was getting ready to do a television appearance and the makeup artist was preparing him for TV. He then asked her, what is your dream? She said, “I want to own my own salon one day.” He then proceeded to ask, “What are you doing to reach that goal?” After a few seconds she said, “Nothing.”

I bet that for the exception of maybe a few of you out there, you are in the same spot as the makeup artist. You have a goal­­­—a dream you want to achieve, but you are doing zero toward it. And, the problem may be that you didn’t even realize it. You might not have known that your desires are solely living in your head, and that in order to achieve them, you actually need to plan, and take action. Don’t worry though, I’m here to help you get started. The following are few steps that can help you identify and then tackle what you want.
·         First: Identify and list all the lies you’ve been telling yourself that you could never do
·         Second: Identify why you want the things that are on your list
·         Third: Decide which one you’re going to do first
·         Fourth: Device a plan of action
·         Fifth: Everyday, do at least one thing on your action plan

Now, don’t just read this and go about your marry-way. Really listen and do it, if you do, there is NO WAY you won’t reach your desired goals.

Till Next Time!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to Make Sure You Don't Miss Out On Your Life

I’m sure that you’ve heard people say how important it is to live in the now; if you haven’t, well you’re in luck, I’m about to summarize it for y’all. 

In Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now he explores the very subject of living in the now, and the power and freedom that come with it. If you’re confused as to exactly what I’m referring to, I’ll use the same example that most people use when trying to explain this topic. Have you ever driven to work, or school, or anywhere, but you don’t remember how you got there? Well that my friends, is a prime example of living anywhere else, but in the now.
Realizing that most of my life is lived just as the example suggests, I decided to try a new approach. I went for a walk the other day, and instead of thinking about the million things I think about, I decided to just focus on my walk, on what was happening right before me, and what I found was peace. I discovered that this business of "being in the now" is simply another form of meditation… (so for all those who claim you can’t meditate, try being in the now).  My mind became clear from clutter, and the headache that was threating to take over my day, disappeared without having to take a single pill. I know this is going to sound a bit fufu and out there, but here it goes anyway. On my walk,  I actually paid attention and I listened to the birds chirping. I heard the wind rustle the leaves. I inhaled and exhaled deeply, fully allowing relaxation to be part of my walk.  I felt, really felt the wind against my face, and it felt amazing. But most importantly, I thought of nothing, and it felt great. 

After this simple exercise I asked myself, am I never in the now? Am I really that distracted that I’m missing my entire life because I’m consumed with thoughts of the past or the future? Well, unfortunately the answer is yes, as I fear will be the same for you. But I also realized this, that for those brief moments when I have actually managed to be in the now, those are the moments that have created my perception of life.  For example, when I’m writing, I think of nothing else except for what I’m writing about. When I’m spending time with my family, usually, I’m listening to their conversations, I’m absorbing our time together because I am keenly aware that I our time together is limited. Those two things have become precious things in my life. For you, it may be something else. It may be that when you’re running you really pay attention to your stride, the way your feet hit the pavement, not so smooth that time, so you adjust (this means you're present).  Living in the present promises a better quality of life. A life that you won’t miss. A life that you were an active party in. A life where you count your blessings everyday because you are deeply aware of all that you have.

So starting today, if you’re stirring the pot, just stir the pot.
Till Next Time!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

How Tired Are You Of Hearing About The Latest Diet Fads?

How tired are you of hearing about the latest diet fads? Stop eating sugar, no, stop eating meat, no, stop eating bread! Wait; stop eating fats, processed or fried foods! UGH (that’s me doing a tiny, but very powerful scream). The internet and the people around you are filled with conflicting advice on how to lose weight and get fit.
When do you say enough is enough? Today is the day because when it’s all said and done, it all comes down to this.  
  • Stop dieting and stop saying that you’re going to cut things from your diet or that you only eat this or that.
Although this may come across as just another diet advice, it is not. It is a way of freeing you from the pressure of dieting.  If you are looking to live a healthy lifestyle, then the very first thing you need to do is to listen to your body. Our body is always telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat. The problem is that we don’t listen.  Instead, we listen to what’s worked for other people. For example, you see your next door neighbor has lost a ton of weight and she looks amazing. Then, you find out she stopped eating bread so you assume this will also work for you. However, you may not realize that your neighbor had a Gluten allergy and therefore bread was literally making her sick. She listened to her body and stopped eating bread (Gluten) and she is now at her perfect and comfortable weight. But, perhaps you should also note that she has not stopped eating cupcakes, filled with sugar, but instead eats one that is Gluten free.

The recommendation is to keep a food journal, and with this, I actually agree. But I would go a step further, not only should you write down what you eat, but you should also write down how you feel before and after. Examples of things to look for are, did you develop indigestion, or a headache, or did you become extremely fatigued or even irritable after your meal. Once you start seeing a pattern develop, (for better or worse) you will start seeing how your body is speaking to you, begging you for either a change of food, or more of a certain food. If you listen, your ultimate diet goal will be achieved, whether it’s to lose or gain weight. When you take this approach you will start noticing how easy it is to give up the things you once thought you couldn’t live without. For years the only beverage I enjoyed was coke. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the only thing I drank was coke, no water, no juice… Then, one day I started to notice how sick coke was making me feel, I could barely eat my food because as I was trying to swallow, the gasses from the coke kept coming up. Needless to say, I listened to my body and I am happy to report that for nearly three years I have stopped drinking coke and now I only drink water. My body thanks me. 
However, there is one thing that none of us can escape from, and that is, exercise. Guys, whether you like to or not, exercising is the best thing you can do for your body. No matter your age, you would be doing yourself a great service by taking at least 30 minutes a day to move your body.  Your 70 year-old self will thank you for it.

Till Next Time!

Friday, February 6, 2015

What Does Each Person In Your Life Represent?

Have you ever wondered why some people remain in your life and others seem to fade out. Well, I have a thought about this.
As you know, I am an advocate for the belief, that what we think about on a constant basis, shows up in our physical reality (thoughts become things).

I believe this applies to everything that we have in our life, but for simplification purposes, I will provide examples using people.
Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re having a constant thought (which then turns into a feeling) of not being good enough. Well, the more you think like this, the stronger the feeling becomes.  And, if you sustain this feeling for a prolonged length of time, that feeling may appear in your physical reality as a person that does not treat you right. This person could be someone you know on a personal level, or on a professional level. But know this, the minute you start valuing yourself, and believing that you are good enough, that person has no choice but to either change the way they treat you, or, literally disappear from your life (thoughts become things).

I believe this is the reason why some people come and go from our lives. Every person in our life represents a small part of us—or rather a part of the thoughts and feelings we carry with us. This is precisely why they say you can’t change other people, if you don’t like how you are being treated then you must be the one to change.
Do yourself a favor and prove it to yourself. Take a look at the people in your life and discover how each one of them represents a small portion of the thoughts you carry with you.  Additionally, look back through your life, at a time when you were experiencing some emotion/problem. Then, think back to who was in your life at that time, at that point, try to identify how that person represented that very emotion/problem. Finally, recognize how once you were able to move past that emotion/problem, that person either changed along with you, or they simply disappeared from your every day life.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why Should You Celebrate Even The Smallest of Successes?

Have you ever started working on improving yourself, only to quit after a few weeks? This could be because you were seeing little to no progress. The fact is, changes WERE happening, but you were so focused on the finished product that you missed the small, but oh so meaningful progress you were making.
Since it’s still January, and most of us are still somewhat motivated to sticking with our diet’s and exercise routine, I’ll encourage you to do one simple thing daily.

NOTICE every small change you make that moves you in the direction of your ultimate goal.

For example, if your goal is to make healthier lifestyle choices this year, and today, you took the stairs instead of the elevator, notice it. CELEBRATE; give yourself a high five for having made a different choice, a better choice.  By noticing, it makes you more aware of the things that you do that are on autopilot. For instance, you may not realize that you take the elevator every time you go in and out of your office building, or residence. NOTICING, makes you more alert and more aware. Soon, when you’re presented with the option of elevator or stairs, you will consciously choose the stairs, no more autopilot. This small feat will be just another important piece of the puzzle that moves you toward your goal.

So starting today celebrating all your accomplishments, no matter how small, and I guarantee you will start SEEING results!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Do You Know For Sure?

Last week I started and finished Oprah’s book, What I Know For Sure. Since then, I’ve been asking myself that same question; what I found, was pretty interesting.
Oprah say’s that what you know for sure should stand the test of time. This shouldn’t be something you know today, but next month you change your mind about it. With this in mind, I went inward continually asking, What Do I Know For Sure?

In my search I realized that my response did not have to be something we collectively agree on, but rather what I believed to be true. It had to be something that in my heart of hearts would never change. So here it goes, this is what I know for sure:
  1. I know for sure that being a mother is the greatest honor of my life. My children inspire me, motivate me and make me want to be better.
  2. I know for sure that music is one of the best expressions of art there is. Music is also beautiful, inspiring and motivating.
  3. And finally, I know for sure, that at the end of the day, no matter what, if there ever comes a time where I’m in agony over a heart-wrenching life problem, I will always turn to God.
So far my list is short but I know it will grow. Once I asked the question, it took no time at all for the answers to reveal itself.

Try it for yourself, ask, What You Know For Sure, and you’ll be amazed by what shows up. No matter what age you are, chances are, there is at least one thing you know for sure. Doing this, I believe grounds you in some way. There is something about proclaiming your truth. Something about knowing you are unwavering in a particular area of your life.
I know my list will grow, and I look forward to discovering the many things I know for sure.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How To Get Out Of A Funk

Okay, although I do my best to motivate each of you, sometimes, I need encouragement too. Yesterday was one of those days. I can’t explain what was wrong with me except for that I felt sad for no reason. I was feeling so down that I was even drawing sad faces on post-it notes. I tried listening to motivational teachers to jolt me back into a happy space, but it wasn't working. Nothing was resonating with me, and I couldn't focus on any of it. I’d start listening to something, then, I’d push it aside and start another, only to stop it mid way through. 
So what was up? Honestly, I’m still not sure. But, I do know this. After a couple hours of feeling badly, I took matters into my own hands and refused to let it linger, and what I found was this:

Once again I received validation that being in a state of contentment does not come from outside of me. I cannot rely on others to make me “feel” a certain way. Instead, I confirmed that I have everything I need to feel better.
How did I realize this? By asking myself a series of questions, what makes me happy? What makes time fly and truly fill me with joy? First thing that came up for me, was being with my family... well, because I was at work, I couldn't be with them. I couldn't just pick up and leave and have a free day. So, I kept going. What else makes me happy? Writing does. And so I decided to write. I know I was at work, but I had to do something, I was in a funk and I was falling fast into a not so good place. By asking the question and then following through with what I knew was going to make me feel better, I finally did. My mood started shifting from one of sadness to one of purposefulness and excitement.

I tell you this because I know we all go through these moments, but most of us don’t know how to snap out of it. Often times, instead of seeking for a solution, we simply accept the way we’re feeling day after day until we finally end up in some form of depression. I want to give you at least one tool to use if ever you find yourself as I did yesterday. The next time you’re feeling off, try it for yourself,  go inward, ask yourself, when are you the happiest, if it’s being home binging on your favorite TV show, and you can do it, then do it. My point is, take charge of your life, your thoughts and your happiness, by doing so you will always have access to contentment, no matter what your circumstances are.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Get 2015 Started Right

Hello all,

I've been MIA lately, but it’s only because I've been trying to sort some things out in my professional sphere. And of course, there’s no better time to get yourself straightened out than the beginning of a new year.   I am not sure why the start of a new year seems to energize me and fill me with such optimism, but it is an awesome feeling. As the end of the year approached, I had all these ideas and goals that I wanted to strive for this year. I couldn't wait until January 1st to write them down and start heading toward them.
So, on January 1, the first thing I did was tackle the one thing most of us hate doing, taking down our Christmas decorations. I decided that I would not procrastinate on this one task, this, I decided, would start me off on the right foot avoiding all and any procrastination.
Second, I sat down and wrote all the things I wanted to have, do or get in 2015. As I was writing down my goals, I really focused on each thing. I wanted to make sure my 2015 goals were not considered a “wish list.” I aimed for things that I could obtain as long as I worked for them and practiced discipline. I’ll give a few examples:
  1. I want to travel. Specifically to California, New York and/or Colorado. There is no reason why I can’t do these things. The only thing stopping me, is me. It’s not like I said I wanted to go to Mars, or the moon.
  2. I want to perfect a few yoga poses. Sure, I do lots of poses now, but none are quite there.
  3. I want to get one piece of writing published, whether it’s my blog, an article, or one of my novels, I don’t care.  All are equally important.
You see what I mean? Writing down my goals gave me focus and something to work toward. “Well it’s too late for me, it’s already January 6th," you say. Don’t fret... of course it is not too late. You can decide to set goals for yourself any day of the year. I say, whenever inspiration hits, that’s the best day to get started on moving toward your goals.

Oh, one more thing. For me, this year  has a theme, and it is this,“some people live 90 years, others live 1 year 90 times.” Going forward I am determined to live every year as a brand new year, and keep only, or repeat only, the things that fully satisfy my soul!
Till next time!