Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Do You Know For Sure?

Last week I started and finished Oprah’s book, What I Know For Sure. Since then, I’ve been asking myself that same question; what I found, was pretty interesting.
Oprah say’s that what you know for sure should stand the test of time. This shouldn’t be something you know today, but next month you change your mind about it. With this in mind, I went inward continually asking, What Do I Know For Sure?

In my search I realized that my response did not have to be something we collectively agree on, but rather what I believed to be true. It had to be something that in my heart of hearts would never change. So here it goes, this is what I know for sure:
  1. I know for sure that being a mother is the greatest honor of my life. My children inspire me, motivate me and make me want to be better.
  2. I know for sure that music is one of the best expressions of art there is. Music is also beautiful, inspiring and motivating.
  3. And finally, I know for sure, that at the end of the day, no matter what, if there ever comes a time where I’m in agony over a heart-wrenching life problem, I will always turn to God.
So far my list is short but I know it will grow. Once I asked the question, it took no time at all for the answers to reveal itself.

Try it for yourself, ask, What You Know For Sure, and you’ll be amazed by what shows up. No matter what age you are, chances are, there is at least one thing you know for sure. Doing this, I believe grounds you in some way. There is something about proclaiming your truth. Something about knowing you are unwavering in a particular area of your life.
I know my list will grow, and I look forward to discovering the many things I know for sure.


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