Monday, December 8, 2014

What's Behind Everything That You’re Unhappy With ?

The truth is when I heard what you’re about to read, it blew my mind. I immediately searched my life for proof that they were wrong. But, what I found is that they were 100% correct.

Are you ready for it? Here it goes.

Lack of “self love” is behind everything that you’re unhappy with in your life.
If you were to trace back to the root of any problem you're facing, you will find that the reason for your troubles is lack of self love. Think about it for a minute, if it’s your weight you're unhappy with, try to remember the things you say to yourself about your body.  The same goes for anything else that you're struggling with. I’m sure your struggles are due to the harsh criticism you engage in.
Now on the other side, look at your life at the things you are completely satisfied with. How much love are you pouring into it, how much love are you giving. I’ll give you an example.

For me, being a mom has been an amazing journey, one of the best things in my life. I love them to pieces and I have a great relationship with them. Through their entire life, not once have I had a negative feeling toward them, or about being a parent. I have embraced it, I have poured all of myself into them, and when I’m not around them only good feelings come from being a mom.
In contrast, my struggles have always been career driven. My mind has always been occupied with less than appealing thoughts. At first feelings of being lost, then luckily I was found, but then consumed with thoughts of not being good enough, or not having, or not getting, or comparing myself to others. Always having the feeling of “not having” or being stuck in a job I hate.
So if it is true, if the reason I have a healthy relationship with my children is because I have given them nothing but my love and I have an unhealthy relationship with my career because I have given it zero love, then it’s time to change that, don’t you think?

As I always do, I will ask you to embark on this journey with me. Take a look at your life—any area where there’s lack. Then, think about how you got there, once you connect that your results are due to the absence of love, then, change it. Starting today pour nothing but love into that situation, no matter where you’re at. If it’s your health, or your career, or your relationship, give it love and nothing else.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Reasons why I hate my parents:

How many of you have found yourself on the this side of the above statement. Everything in your life seems to be going perfectly, all but one little thing. This one thing, you can’t seem to move past, so you start asking yourself, why I am struggling with this? What is wrong with me? (whining voice is necessary) And RIGHT THERE is where you find your answer! This is my parents fault!

If only they had (fill in the blank) or, if they had not said (fill in the blank) then today I would be a perfect human being, living the perfect life. Those jerks! I am sure that you can make a list of things that you are unhappy with, and surely you can trace it back to your parents.

I, myself, have fallen victim to this trap. Why am I so shy, I asked myself.  Hmmm, let me think, well there was this one time I said something to my dad, and then he and everyone around me laughed! What I said was not meant to be funny....
Or, God why do I hate every single job I've ever had? Why do I quit time after time!! Wait, when I quit my fifth job, my dad laughed and didn’t act surprised, it was as though he was expecting me to quit. How dare he!!!
Or, why do I have self esteem issues? Wait a minute, my mother always talked about how big my hands were, and how big my back was, and how my sister had her narrow shoulders. Oh my god, it's all starting to make sense.

If only he had not laughed... today, I would have a fulfilling career! It’s my dad’s fault that I have stage fright, and because of him, I failed to become the famous singer I was supposed to be. Because of him, I am floating from one unfulfilling job to the next, and it is my mother's fault that I feel fat!And for these reasons, I hate my parents!

Of course this could not be furthest from the truth. I LOVE my parents and in my eyes they are the best parents anyone could ever ask for. But I won’t lie,  at times, when I have not been happy with my life, I sought out reasons to blame them. I searched and searched until I came up with the  examples you just read. But thank God, through various teachings I have realized that my parents are not to blame for the choices I have made in my life. After all, I was the one who chose to quit high school, instead of pursuing a career in music. I was the one that dwelled on the fact that now I was never going to work in music and settled for any retail job that showed up (in my twenties). And I was the one that compared myself to everyone in the world.

It would be ridiculous for me to blame them, because along with the above examples, my parents always told me they loved me, that I was beautiful and that the world was at my feet (in their own way of course).

Like most of us, it would be easy to trace back every single disappointment we've had back to our parents, but who would that serve? No one... And, besides, it wouldn't be true and you know it.
I speak of this topic as a daughter and as a mother. From both ends I can see how maybe some thing’s that parent's say, thought to be funny, may actually have long lasting affects.

My belief  is, that it's important not give anyone that much power over to other people, even if they are your parents. For if you do, you could remain stuck in the 'what if's' and in the blaming game.

I recommend you do this. Look at yourself in the mirror and admit that you've had some, if not most, of the doing in whatever it is that you're struggling with. By doing this, you will free yourself. This exercise will help you see that if you got yourself into this, then you can yourself out. Blaming others for your unhappiness will put you in a place where you are waiting for them to fix you. Putting things into perspective, will help you see things in a new light.

My advise as a mother is this, be kind with your words and with your opinions of your children, even if your words are intended as jokes, they may not understand, and your words could cause, in their eyes, irreversible damage.

My advise as a daughter, is move on, let it go, it's not their fault. Take control of your thoughts, and by doing so you will take control of your life.

Visit my previous blog post about What do you say to yourself it was inspired by Jack Canfield's formula, E-Event + R-Response = O- Outcome. This is the formula Jack Canfield uses to explain how YOU have the biggest influence over yourself.

Above all, let me say one last thing because I really do hate the title of this post! I LOVE MY MAMI Y PAPI!


Monday, November 10, 2014

5 things you should do before getting out of bed!

Is this how your morning starts? Alarm sounds off a half hour prior to your actual wake time— you've given yourself some time to actually “wake up.” You hit snooze three times, and contemplate hitting it a fourth time just so that you can squeeze in an extra 10 minutes of sleep. However, you really can’t go back to sleep because you’re dreading the next time the alarm sounds off. Finally, you decide to get up. You grudgingly  rise from your bed, drag your tired body to the shower, and then stay in there much longer than you should, thereby, throwing off your entire schedule for the rest of the day. 
If this is you, I have a better idea.
First: Set your alarm (usually your phone) to your favorite song, this will put a smile on your face, instead of upsetting you.

Second: Do not snooze; decide to wake up right then. After all, you did wake up another day; this is a time to celebrate.

Three: Lay in silence and make sure you have no distractions, then, give thanks for your life, for the life of your loved ones and for everything you have.

Four: Visualize your day. Imagine your perfect day ahead, feel it in your core, and don’t move on until you have the feeling of complete bliss.

Five: Smile. With a smile on your face it is impossible to have negative thoughts.

After you have successfully completed the above steps, then you are ready to Rise and Shine! Your day will go so much better, simply, because you took control. Doing the above five steps will make you feel as though morning wasn't forced upon you but instead it was welcomed by you.
So go on, make these small changes and see how your days start to look a little brighter.

 Till Next Time!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Could the difference between doing what you love or not, be the simple act of being courageous?

Could it really be that easy? Could the difference between doing what you love or not, be the simple act of being courageous?
Time and again we hear of stories where people tell us about the "moment" when they arrived at the place that ultimately led to their current success. Usually, they start off by telling you how hard it was, followed by some ups and downs, which led to the moment when they almost gave up, but THEN they had an Aha moment and they just WENT FOR IT! This "aha moment" can be only be described as, COURAGE.

But what does it truly take to be courageous? I think there are five key ingredients that can make you into a courageous person. These steps can help eliminate self doubt, procrastination and stagnation. 

First, you must have faith, or belief in yourself and in your abilities. You must have irrefutable belief that you can have whatever it is that you want.
Two, you must want it more than anything else. More than a TV show, more than hanging out with your friends, basically, you have to want it more than you want your down time.
Three, you must take any and all opportunities that come your way, no matter how small. One door will open another, in other words, be a Yes Man.
Four, eliminate all routine from your life. In my opinion, routine is the death of creativity.
Five, everyday do one thing that moves you in the direction of your goal, no matter how small, even if it's a baby step. Every step in the right direction is a good thing.
Taking these steps will establish a sense of confidence and a knowing--that will guarantee you are ready for WHEN the big opportunity comes your way. In addition to, filling you with the courage you thought you didn’t have. 

Finally, you will not doubt yourself, for you have practiced belief and faith. You will see opportunities, because you were available. You will meet others that share your goals, because you said yes. New opportunities will find you because you switched up your day. And finally, you will be closer to success because you didn’t waste a single day.

Take a look at this inspirational, musical short film,  Today's the Day- A Musical Short it’s pretty AWESOME. Share it with your friends and family who are in need of a little pick-me-up.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What is the meaning of....

Usually the above statement is linked to "what is the meaning of life".  I believe that in order to find the meaning of life you need not look too far.
There's no need to be philosophical about this, simply look at your life, then chunk it down even more to where you're looking at the smallest of aspects of your life, good or bad, and there you will find the "meaning of life".

I think that most things in life, just are, and it's the meaning one gives it that ultimately leads to how we feel about it, thereby coming up with some conclusion to "what is the meaning of life". Of course, as I usually do, I am going to use 'career' as an example, because as I've stated in my blogs, this is where I am struggling the most, and therefore, hope to grow by sharing my thoughts with you.
Okay, so why is it that I hate my job, and love the potential career in writing that I have in my head. I've recently learned that this phenomenon is due to the meaning I've given each thing. The feeling I've given my job is: stuck, boring, and meaningless. The meaning I've given my potential career is: happiness, freedom and meaningful.  As you can see these two are at complete opposite ends. This got me wondering, if I were to change the meaning I've given my job would I then really feel differently about it? Then,  if I did feel differently about it, what would happen? Would I be happy? But then, I wouldn't have anything to complain about...And what if I became happy with my days, so happy in fact that I would no longer want to write? No, I must continue to hate my job otherwise I might be happy!
The truth is, there's no need to fear this happening. The passion that I have for writing doesn't stem from hating some other thing, it comes from an entirely different place, it comes from a place of love. And that's the difference, hating my job comes from a place of fear. Fear of failure, fear of not making it.

The truth is, hating a certain thing--in my case, my day job, doesn't really do anything other than keep you stuck in that situation, and make you miserable in the process. Just like any habit, this way of thinking becomes home to you, this is your "comfort zone".  Think about it this way. How many times have you said "I'm not going to eat sweet's anymore," yet you return to it time after time because it makes you feel good.  Even though you know in the long run those sweet's are slowly hurting your health. But, if you're able to resist the temptation of reaching for those sweet's, then magic happens. Eventually you won't crave them anymore, and ultimately your health will improve. Well, the same goes for this negative way of thinking.  If you stop complaining and stop looking at the negative things in your daily life, your life will improve and you will be a much happier person, probably closer to being the kind of person you want to be, and much closer to your overall goals.

So start today, start giving the things in your life that aggravate you a NEW MEANING and see how this transforms your days, your mood, and ultimately your life. I will definitely try it, because frankly I haven't really been pleased with my thought life lately. 
Till Next Time!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What is the dollar amount that is holding you hostage?

For me, that number is minimal at best, yet, it has me in a prison I can’t escape from.
Who are my capturers? My thoughts, influenced by utter fear.

My thoughts jab at me on a daily basis reminding me how terrible it would be if I were to break free from my prison. It tells me how I would lose everything; ruin my life and those of my loved ones. It tells me I am being irresponsible by wanting to pick happiness over security and so and so on the jabbing continues.

When the capturer leaves me alone, and a moment of clarity is allowed to sink-in, I know those are all lies. I know that picking happiness would only make my days betters, I would have a better thinking life, and it would ultimately increase my wealth, thereby allowing me to provide an even better life for my family.
But those moments are few and far between, and so I willingly let my capturer tie my hands, and paralyze me, while I sit by, day after day watching my life pass me by.

If you find yourself in captivity like me, I think we should ask ourselves this question, what's the worst that could happen? Tony Robbins is the king of encouraging us to address this question. He reminds us that by asking this simple question it allows us to really put things into perspective, thereby releasing all apprehension we have. This exercise shows us that even if the worst thing you think could happen, happens, all is not lost. Secondly, it might permit for a 'plan to action' to where you don't feel unprepared.

For example let's say you are thinking of quitting your job and starting a new business, but you've convinced yourself you can't afford it. Well, this is where you ask yourself the question "what's the worst that could happen if I quit and go for it?" Your response could go something like this, if I have no money coming in, I will lose my home, car, and credit, I'll be forced to move-in with a family member until I get on my feet again.

Now with your fears clearly out in the open you can start to make progress. You can find a solution to your problem by providing options, "okay, what if, I were to work overtime for three months, or cut some of my luxury items for a bit, how much could I save that will allow me to quit my job safely and pursue starting my business?? See what I mean!

I think I will do the above and start putting my own fears into perspective so that I can move forward. I hope you do too, and by doing so you get a little closer to your goal, whatever it may be.

Till Next Time!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands, Inspired by Danielle Walker

I cannot explain how excited I get when I come across people that totally inspire me. Let me introduce you to  Danielle Walker the author of the cook books Against All Grain.

I will not go into depth about her sorry, because frankly, I won't give it justice. For her full biography visit her website linked above.

But I will give you very tiny highlights. She was very sick, at the age of 22 she was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune disease. She would spend about six months out of the year severely sick, and other half trying to recuperate. All this, while doctors consistently told her that diet had no factor on her disease.

Finally tired of living  in that way, and realizing that traditional medicine was not helping, she took matters into her own hands. After much research and listening to her body, she was able to nurse her body back to health.  It is a must that you visit her website to see photos of before and after and to read about her journey.

She is just one of millions that didn't just take the doctors word and sat around waiting for traditional meds to fix her.  Had she done this, God only knows what would have become of her.

Danielle is a Best Selling author and a very successful blogger that has been able to reach thousands if not millions, by simply sharing her story.  When she decided to share her story it was in an effort to help others! And I believe that is how success truly reaches you (no matter what success looks like to you). 

Today I want to encourage you to think outside the box; don't settle for the things you've been told.  I encourage you to follow your intuition, your heart, to listen to your body and see where it takes you.

I am not an expert on food at all but I do know this, my body definitely tells me what it doesn't like. After it does, it's up to me to listen. Are you listening to your body? Or are you ignoring it simply to get that immediate satisfaction.  If you are, make a deal that you won't ignore it anymore. Starting today pay attention to everything, like that knee pain you've been having, maybe it's due something you're lacking in your diet. Or that constant headache you have, don't numb it with over-the-counter meds, find a natural solution for it. I am not suggesting that medicine is bad, but it is my opinion that they are not always the best or only option. Danielle's story is just one of many that proves my point.

By the way, this goes for everything in your life. Is someone telling you it can't be done? Is someone in your life putting a ton of obstacles between you and a dream you have? You must not listen. You must take matters into your own hands, do the research, lean in and go for it. No one can tell you what's possible or not. So go for it, listen to that little voice inside you, it knows a lot more than those naysayers around you! That 'thing' inside you might be the very thing the world needs!

Till Next Time!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why You Are Going Nowhere

The other day I came across a very insightful video by Tyler Perry. 
Basically, he addressed the question, "how did you make it?" He gave the answer I expected him to give, "by the grace of God" he said. But he continued to explain further. I could hear the voices of those watching bellowing "what did you actually do to get to where you are Mr. Perry?" Because that’s really what the question was right? That’s really what we want to know. Thankfully he answered.

He said the most important thing he did was FOCUS!
He said how there was ONE thing he really wanted, and it was to do a play. His sole focus became putting on and promoting this play year after year. Although he suffered many rejections and disappointments he stayed focused on this dream. Furthermore, he did not jump from idea to idea just because it wasn't happening yet (in fact it took years for his play to actually take off).

I know what you’re thinking, "I’m focused." Okay, here, let me give you an example on how I thought I was focused too.
I am a writer, therefore, I want to write for a living. I want share my stories with the world, make lots of money, and live happily ever after. So, I am writing a novel, I am blogging and I am writing a screen play. "What’s wrong with that?" you say. Let me tell you, the minute he said those words I knew that this was my problem. I lack focus. Just because all these things fall under the "writing" category doesn't mean they don’t each require separate focus points. For this reason, I have been running in place but going nowhere.
I am not sure exactly how I will go about handling my focus issues, because I really do want all three things. Or maybe I just simply want to write. No, it's not that simple... But one thing is for sure, I will figure it out. I will narrow my focus down to one and write my little heart out!

So now is your turn. How have you been misleading yourself? Is there something you want but you've been stuck like me, seeing little to no progress? I bet if you sort it out, you’ll find that lack of focus is at the root of your problem.

Do as Tyler Perry did, FOCUS and keep going until you attain the very thing you set out to get.

Have a listen to this song. This is how I feel about us as a collective body. We all have something to do and say, Go for it, we need you.

Till Next Time!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Why you should challenge yourself

So do you yoga?  Well I do. I did this 30 day challenge with Erin Motz, from Do You Yoga and it was amazing. Although I've been trying my hand at yoga for the past two years, I've recently decided to give it my all. This is why this 30 day challenge worked out so well for me. It was the boost I needed to get me into the right frame of mind.

Before I share my amazing experience, let me first preface by saying I have no experience when it comes to sports. In addition, flexibility is not something I was gifted with. So when I started this challenge I considered myself a beginner and therefore was worried about the challenges that came with this practice. But, I decided to just go with it, furthermore, I made an internal commitment to do, or at least try to do every single thing she was teaching.

This brings me to day seven! Day seven introduced us to the crow pose, I tried and tried and even cried because I couldn't do it, what’s worse is that I was really trying. But thankfully, with my daughter's encouragement I quickly wiped those tears away and I decided that I would not give up, but most importantly I decided that I WOULD DO IT

Believe it or not it only took 24 hours and I got both feet off the ground, it was only for like half a second but still... This was only a small victory, but it was a victory all the same. With this newly found confidence I kept trying, and trying until my wrist, arms and shoulders simply couldn't take it anymore.  Soon the challenge turned from getting myself off the ground to holding myself up for as long as possible and perfecting the actual pose.  Have I perfect-it you're wondering? Well here I am doing it!
Not even close to perfecting it, lol, but I will. What is most important is that I did it. Something I thought I could never do, I did. This small victory gave me the courage to even try a head stand. “Let me see it,” you say! Well that one, I’m still working on, but I will reach that goal too, and I will share it with you when I do.

My point is a couple things. First, challenge yourself, go for the impossible because you really don’t know what you’re capable of. And second, don’t be afraid to try new things, life is awesome, and it’s here for you to experience it fully. I recently came across this quote giving FEAR a new meaning, and I have fallen in love with it.

 So you can share your yoga story too!

Till Next Time!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

What is Hope?

What is hope? The dictionary defines it as: The longing or desire for something accompanied by the belief in the possibility of its occurrence.
Ladies and gentlemen hope is what life and living is all about, without it we don’t have a life. This little four letter word carries so much weight. Whether you realize it or not this is what fuels you, this is the reason you wake up in the morning, and without it you simply would quit on life. 

For no apparent reason, in the past I have experienced feelings of hopelessness, and I tell you this, I don’t wish this on anyone. It is truly the worse feeling I’ve ever had. It has frightened me because it has led me to a place where it all seemed lost. Luckily for me I have been able to rise out of the dark and into the light. But so many people are not as lucky.

Robin Williams is just another victim to this tragic feeling of hopelessness.

My message this week is short and simple. I pray that you always remain calm, that you’re always happy and that you’re always hopeful. I HOPE that you know that there’s always a way out of whatever problem you can’t seem to find a solution to.
Have no doubt that hope is what keeps us alive; the ability to want something in the hopes that one day it will happen is an amazing feeling that can keep you going your entire life.
Till Next Time!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dear diary, I am afraid

Last month I finished reading May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein; in this book she has daily exercises that are suppose to move you closer to mental and spiritual clarity. Out of all the exercise’s I was told to write down, one stood out to me.

This particular exercise asked that I list five ways I've projected fear onto my life, and next to it I was to write the “love” responses to each of my fears.

But let me go back, before I go forward (some of my friends will get this) The other day I was going through my journal and I came across the above entry, and later while taking a bath I got this urge that I had to share it with you. 

I procrastinated for a while, (in fact I wrote this entry weeks ago) and almost talked myself out of it because these were my own personal, very personal thoughts,. The kind of thoughts I only share in my diary or with my husband. But I then  realized that if this meant this much to me, then I was definitely suppose to share. I will give you my example so that you have a guideline for when you do it yourself. My hope is that you do this exercise and that you can clearly identify your fears, but more importantly that you move past them. So here it goes (exhale).

Top five ways I've projected fear onto my life:  
Dear Diary,
  1. I am afraid I am not good enough                                    
  2. I am afraid I will never be successful
  3. I am afraid of making decisions I will later regret       
  4. I am afraid of not having money
  5. I am afraid I will never be satisfied
Love Response:

  1. I am brilliant, made perfectly in God’s image, created to follow my heart’s desire. I am perfect just as I am.
  2. I will achieve the very thing I strive for.
  3. Follow your heart; regret nothing for every choice I make will teach me a valuable lesson.
  4. I have more than enough, I have and always will be able to provide for my family.
  5. Be happy today with everything I have, in every single moment. Striving for more does not mean dissatisfaction. Be grateful always, no matter how small. 
Focusing on the love responses instead of the fears will allow me to move forward in life, allowing for only the best results to enter my life. I have carried those worries far too long, and they have led me nowhere. So go on, write down your fears for a last time and leave them there on the page. But more importantly write down the love responses, and carry those feelings with you for the rest of your life.
Till next time

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Free yourself!

I have finally done it. I have freed myself from the prison I had placed myself in . I blogged about this a few weeks ago and little did I know how guilty I was of the very thing I was preaching about. 
Have you ever done something that you really don’t like just because you think you should do it, or because it looks cool, or it sounds cool? I’m sure you have. Most of us think this type of behavior ends with our teen years, but I’m afraid that this is not the case, some of us carry this burden way into our adult years.. However, if you happen to be one of the few people that does only what feels right, and you never ever do anything just because you’re trying to be someone you’re not, then CONGRATULATIONS you are way ahead of me.

This brings me to my point. For about a year now I’ve been trying to be something I’m not.  People, I’ve been trying to become a runner. I thought it would be cool to participate in Disney’s marathon events and run 5K’s and so on and so on, but the truth is I HATE running, always have.
Now let’s put this into perspective, I once said that the mere fact that you “want” to do something means that you’re supposed to do it. But, what must follow this statement is that this “want” has to be for the right reason and come from the purest place. I “wanted” to be a runner, but not because it brought me joy or it fulfilled me in any way, but because I wanted to have that title, “I’m a runner,” “I run marathons,” “I’m an athlete.” It was more about the status that came with it than what I really wanted in my heart. See the difference? I hope so.

So I am happy to say that I have finally let myself off the hook about this running thing. There are other things I really enjoy, like yoga, and not because I’ll be part of some elite group, but because I really do enjoy it. So, a very wise person recently told me, “Commit to yoga then, set goals, attain them and set new ones. You will succeed at the thing you enjoy!” And so I shall!

Now it’s your turn, what are you forcing onto your life that really doesn’t fit you? Once you discover what it is, do as I did and take it off.  Be only who you want to be, not who you think you should be. 
Till Next Time!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What if the impossible was possible?

Let me introduce you, yet again, to a person who refused to accept life as it unfolded, but instead fought through adversities to ultimately have the life she wanted!

Liz Murray is a woman who asked herself, what if the impossible was possible? By doing so, she changed her life.

She was raised in a household where doing drugs was as normal as breathing. But of course, this kind of behavior cannot be sustained without consequences. Both her parents contracted HIV, and later, her mother developed full blown Aids. With her mother now extremely sick and her father in a homeless shelter, Liz found herself homeless, sleeping in the streets of New York City. Every night she lay her head on the ground holding tightly to her back-pack that contained her journal and a picture of her mother. Every night she dreamed of a better life, but the longer she remained on the streets the more she felt as though her dreams were fading away.
But then, something happened that would change her life forever. To her surprise, the terrible passing of her mother lit up something inside her. She remembered her mother sitting at the edge of her bed, always talking about someday I will do this; someday I will do that, but someday never came for her mother.
At the age of fifteen, Liz Murray then realized one very valuable lesson, if life can change so quickly for the worse, then it can certainly change just as quickly for the better.
With this way of thinking she set her sights on returning to high school. She hit the pavement applying to schools, but received one rejection after another. However, she did not let this stop her, because while she was getting rejected, she had a thought running through her mind, What would happen if I just kept going! What if? Although I am getting “no’s” the possibility of a “yes” is also out there.

And of course, the yes did come, and now with confirmation that if she kept going a "yes" was inevitable, she set one goal after another.  Her first, to get straight A’s—which she got. Then, getting into Harvard University which she got into. Then a scholarship— which she got.   Because her story was so inspirational, it was turned into a movie, From Homeless to Harvard.

Liz Murray learned that no one knows what is possible until they are already doing it, and that every moment is always another chance.  Her wish for all of us is that we all fall in love with possibilities.
This is also my wish for you. I hope that you don't let obstacles get in the way of reaching your goals, but instead let those obstacle strengthen you and give you the push that you need to catch up to your destiny. 
Till next time!