Friday, August 9, 2013

Are you a projector?

Are you a projector?

Well not in the way shown above, I mean in the way of projecting your issues onto others? I am so guilty of this. 
People. Please. Don't. Do. This. The other day I noticed I was a big offender of this behavior. Something pretty awesome happened; I got really good news from someone and then I started giving them irrelevant life advice.
Let me give you an example.  Let's say... you're single and hating it and a friend of yours (also single, but happy) comes to you and say's guess what friend? I just got a great job that pays a lot of money, I will be traveling and I will finally be doing just what I've always wanted to do. The correct response from you should be, Oh My God Becky I'm so happy for you, congratulations  (valley-girl voice).
The INCORRECT response would be. Becky that's great BUT, what about a relationship, I mean you know you have to think about what's really important in life, and that's love.
Ugh, that's projecting people!!! I tend to do that a lot. So, to all those who have been a victim of my madness I apologize. My issues are not yours. 

  1. If I want to get healthy, I assume everyone wants to too and  I shove health literature down their throat. 
  2. If I want to be all spiritual, I assume everyone must have a need for it too.
  3. And one that I've done often...just because I was unhappy with my job, didn't mean everyone in the world was too. 

So remember to just be a good friend and a good listener. 

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