Wednesday, August 14, 2013


After a full year of visualizing myself working in a field that I truly enjoy, it finally came true.  A year ago I listened to "The Secret" and it immediately transformed my life. I blogged about it previously- see:

So, up to a month and half ago I was working for insurance agency where I worked for 7 years, and I hated it, but after listening to the Secret and many other teachers, I realized that I was in control of my life and I took charge.
And boy did it pay off!  In the last year I've become the person I've always wanted to be. I feel better than I've ever felt, I'm healthy, I have a positive outlook on life, and now I'm on my way to having the career I so longed to have.  This is only the beginning. I have so many awesome plans, so many fun and interesting things I want to do that I can hardly contain my excitement.

If you want to change here are few things to consider. 

1. Be the change you want to see. Don't wait for the world to change, it most likely will never happen. However,  the great thing is that when you start looking at the world around you differently the world around you changes. So, change within, every little change will move you into a new and fabulous world/life.

2. Surround yourself with only things that bring you good feelings, in other words avoid things that stress you out. For me, it was the news. I haven't watched the news in a year. I used to watch it every day, three times a day, one of those being right before going to bed.  Not good, don't do it. 

3. Visualize!. Picture yourself being that person you want to be, act as if you are that person and before long you will be that person. 

4. Be grateful for what you do have. Every day when you wake up, before doing anything grab your journal and write down all the things you're grateful for. Aside from my health and my family, I always give thanks for my hands. Yeah my hands, they allow me to write. For my brain for it allows me to think and so on.

Anyway, these are just a few things I did that helped in gradually getting me to where I am today, which is radically different from who and where I was last year. 
Hope this helps you!

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