Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Radical Change!

I’ve heard it said a hundred times, “if you want to see different results in your life, then you must change the things that you do.” The kicker is that every time I hear this message, I sit by,  agreeing with these powerful words.

But I've been fooling myself by thinking that just because I “hear it” I’m making the change they speak of.

So it finally hit me, if I WANT TO SEE A CHANGE, I mean a REALLY BIG CHANGE IN MY LIFE,THEN I MUST MAKE A RADICAL CHANGE IN MY LIFE….And the same goes for you!

I suggest you start off by doing something completely out of your comfort zone. For example, I’ve said in the past how I had a fear of speaking in public or that I didn’t like being in front of a camera (I’m not that person anymore, hence the past tense). But these thoughts didn’t align with the things I wanted in life.  I’m a writer, I want people to read my books,I want to make movies, I want to win awards… how could I possibly do these things if I continued staying in my shell. My life was not going to change by watching others do the very thing I wanted to do. Ugh, so much time wasted.

That’s why I’m coming to you, so that you don’t waste another minute. I don’t care what it is… If you want a new job, then looking through the classifieds, but not applying won’t get you hired. If you want to get in shape but all you’re doing is “watching” the weight loss shows on TV (guilty) then your body won’t change.

So I encourage you to do 7 new things each day, something that’s going to get you closer to your goal. And out of the 7, make one of them a RADICAL change, something completely out of the norm. For you, the person who’s dying to be in shape, you may want to skip your favorite TV show and go for a walk instead of sitting on the couch. Just by doing this you’re making something shift in yourself. And before you know it, this will be the new you.  

I started out with something that “made me” totally uncomfortable (again I’m using past tense because I am not that person anymore). So, I did a PHOTO SHOOT!!! I know. Some of you may think What?? That’s not hard!!!But I promise you, it was for me.  And that’s the beauty of being a human being; we are all unique, with different fears, wants and desires.

So are you ready?? Or rather, am I ready to share with the world; to put myself out there regardless of others thoughts about me? The answer is yes!  Because I want my career, more than I want to be worried about others opinions of me. So here are a few pics from my 
photo shoot. :)


My next RADICAL change will be video taping myself reading my novel More Than Words Can Say. Till next time :)

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  1. Love it! I feel the power behind your words!!! Love the pics, the 1st one is my favorite. XOXO