Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Let it Go, or Not!

How about this, “wanting” to do something is simply the act “of not doing” I heard Wayne Dyer say something along those lines.  I don’t know about you but something in these words resonated with me. Read them again, pay close attention to what it is saying. Go ahead I’ll give you a sec…
Okay did you hear it? Think about it this way, we could literally spend our entire lives in the  "wanting” state of mind and never taking action. Somehow we've convinced ourselves that being in the wanting realm is better than nothing at all, but I feel that if we stay in that wanting state of mind too long, we just might end up with nothing.

If you would, think about something that you've been “wanting” for a long time.  So why aren't you doing it, or having it or whatever. What is holding you back? I am not even referring to huge things. For my girls, how many of you say I want to get a mani/pedi, but you don’t do it.  Instead you say it, you talk about it day after day--sometimes even for months, but still you don't go through with it.

I believe, a lot of the times when we say we “want" something, two things are happening.
  1. We really don’t want it as much as we think we do; or
  2. We want it really bad but we are terrified of getting it
So in either case repeating our “wants” simply keeps it alive for us, regardless of our intentions. I don’t believe we know at the time of our request which option our desire falls under, but the more time passes and the more our “want” remains in the “want world” it becomes clear which option it  belongs in.

I believe that sometimes we think we want something and we state it, we talk about it, we announce it to the world, but then,  it kind of dies out. BUT, because we have made such a huge declaration about this thing that we supposedly wanted, it is impossible for most of us to back out. So, we just keep talking about it, I want, I want, I want, just to keep it alive. But you and I both know that it’s never gonna happen.
You must put a stop to this madness. If you once wanted something and now you no longer do, let it go (la la la la, can anyone ever again really say those words without singing it, Not I) this is your life, you decide what you want and don’t want. If something felt right to you once but it no longer does, don’t feel bad about it, it's okay.
BUT, if however, you find yourself still "wanting" this thing, and you are simply not doing it out of fear or sheer procrastination,  then this too must stop. Trust me, you will never be able to let it go (ha ha I did it again) you must do it. REMOVE it from the “wanting world” and bring it into physical reality.

Know this, we will never stop wanting things, but it's up to you to  make it happen. I have faith you can do it. So go on, think about it, and little by little start checking things off that list.
My List:  Get Paper towel holder, get nail polish remover, hang up photos…..

Till Next time. And just for fun, let's listen shall we.

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