Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What if the impossible was possible?

Let me introduce you, yet again, to a person who refused to accept life as it unfolded, but instead fought through adversities to ultimately have the life she wanted!

Liz Murray is a woman who asked herself, what if the impossible was possible? By doing so, she changed her life.

She was raised in a household where doing drugs was as normal as breathing. But of course, this kind of behavior cannot be sustained without consequences. Both her parents contracted HIV, and later, her mother developed full blown Aids. With her mother now extremely sick and her father in a homeless shelter, Liz found herself homeless, sleeping in the streets of New York City. Every night she lay her head on the ground holding tightly to her back-pack that contained her journal and a picture of her mother. Every night she dreamed of a better life, but the longer she remained on the streets the more she felt as though her dreams were fading away.
But then, something happened that would change her life forever. To her surprise, the terrible passing of her mother lit up something inside her. She remembered her mother sitting at the edge of her bed, always talking about someday I will do this; someday I will do that, but someday never came for her mother.
At the age of fifteen, Liz Murray then realized one very valuable lesson, if life can change so quickly for the worse, then it can certainly change just as quickly for the better.
With this way of thinking she set her sights on returning to high school. She hit the pavement applying to schools, but received one rejection after another. However, she did not let this stop her, because while she was getting rejected, she had a thought running through her mind, What would happen if I just kept going! What if? Although I am getting “no’s” the possibility of a “yes” is also out there.

And of course, the yes did come, and now with confirmation that if she kept going a "yes" was inevitable, she set one goal after another.  Her first, to get straight A’s—which she got. Then, getting into Harvard University which she got into. Then a scholarship— which she got.   Because her story was so inspirational, it was turned into a movie, From Homeless to Harvard.

Liz Murray learned that no one knows what is possible until they are already doing it, and that every moment is always another chance.  Her wish for all of us is that we all fall in love with possibilities.
This is also my wish for you. I hope that you don't let obstacles get in the way of reaching your goals, but instead let those obstacle strengthen you and give you the push that you need to catch up to your destiny. 
Till next time!

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