Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Nyle DiMarco: Redefining Our Beliefs

Every now and then I come across people that inspire me beyond measure, today, this person is Nyle DiMarco.

Nyle DiMarco is a contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and the winner of the 22nd season of Americas Next Top Model. What is so special about him you ask? Well DiMarco is deaf!  And while that alone doesn’t make him special, his determination to not let his deafness be a limitation but an asset does.
Week after week DiMarco dances with such precision and rhythm that I can't help but be baffled, yet completely inspired. Since he can’t hear the music, his only way of keeping rhythm is by being in tune with his dance partner. In my opinion he is the best dancer of this season, and is guaranteed to take home the mirror ball.

It is people like DiMarco that live to remind us that anything is possible. Sometimes we let our beliefs limit us, but he is proof that beliefs can either limit us or set us free. He could’ve listened to the belief that said, “I’m deaf, so I can’t dance—at least not well”.  Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. He, a deaf man dances—better than most on the show that can hear the music.
Let DiMarco’s serve as an example, to motivate us and push us past our own limited beliefs. What have we been telling ourselves we can’t do because of________________.  Recognize in this moment that this is the only thing preventing us from having it. Our beliefs make our lives. So let us start creating the life we came to live by eliminating our limited beliefs. With the right beliefs guiding our lives, anything is possible. Watch DiMarco dance and you'll be convinced of this!
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