Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why You Are Going Nowhere

The other day I came across a very insightful video by Tyler Perry. 
Basically, he addressed the question, "how did you make it?" He gave the answer I expected him to give, "by the grace of God" he said. But he continued to explain further. I could hear the voices of those watching bellowing "what did you actually do to get to where you are Mr. Perry?" Because that’s really what the question was right? That’s really what we want to know. Thankfully he answered.

He said the most important thing he did was FOCUS!
He said how there was ONE thing he really wanted, and it was to do a play. His sole focus became putting on and promoting this play year after year. Although he suffered many rejections and disappointments he stayed focused on this dream. Furthermore, he did not jump from idea to idea just because it wasn't happening yet (in fact it took years for his play to actually take off).

I know what you’re thinking, "I’m focused." Okay, here, let me give you an example on how I thought I was focused too.
I am a writer, therefore, I want to write for a living. I want share my stories with the world, make lots of money, and live happily ever after. So, I am writing a novel, I am blogging and I am writing a screen play. "What’s wrong with that?" you say. Let me tell you, the minute he said those words I knew that this was my problem. I lack focus. Just because all these things fall under the "writing" category doesn't mean they don’t each require separate focus points. For this reason, I have been running in place but going nowhere.
I am not sure exactly how I will go about handling my focus issues, because I really do want all three things. Or maybe I just simply want to write. No, it's not that simple... But one thing is for sure, I will figure it out. I will narrow my focus down to one and write my little heart out!

So now is your turn. How have you been misleading yourself? Is there something you want but you've been stuck like me, seeing little to no progress? I bet if you sort it out, you’ll find that lack of focus is at the root of your problem.

Do as Tyler Perry did, FOCUS and keep going until you attain the very thing you set out to get.

Have a listen to this song. This is how I feel about us as a collective body. We all have something to do and say, Go for it, we need you.

Till Next Time!

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