Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What Have You Been Telling Yourself You Can’t Do?

Jack Canfield told the story on how he was a student at one of Tony Robbins' seminars, one where he was required to walk on fire. He thought he couldn’t do it because he was convinced he would burn himself. Well, he summoned the courage to do it, the outcome was that he didn’t burn himself. So he then started to analyze the following question, what else have I been telling myself that I can’t do? Once he got the questions and answers, he started doing them.  How awesome is that! He wrote a book regarding the act of asking, The Aladdin Factor.
He referenced another story, he said he was getting ready to do a television appearance and the makeup artist was preparing him for TV. He then asked her, what is your dream? She said, “I want to own my own salon one day.” He then proceeded to ask, “What are you doing to reach that goal?” After a few seconds she said, “Nothing.”

I bet that for the exception of maybe a few of you out there, you are in the same spot as the makeup artist. You have a goal­­­—a dream you want to achieve, but you are doing zero toward it. And, the problem may be that you didn’t even realize it. You might not have known that your desires are solely living in your head, and that in order to achieve them, you actually need to plan, and take action. Don’t worry though, I’m here to help you get started. The following are few steps that can help you identify and then tackle what you want.
·         First: Identify and list all the lies you’ve been telling yourself that you could never do
·         Second: Identify why you want the things that are on your list
·         Third: Decide which one you’re going to do first
·         Fourth: Device a plan of action
·         Fifth: Everyday, do at least one thing on your action plan

Now, don’t just read this and go about your marry-way. Really listen and do it, if you do, there is NO WAY you won’t reach your desired goals.

Till Next Time!

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