Tuesday, December 15, 2015

BE WHO YOU ARE: Accept no substitutes!!!

A thought has been swirling in my head for some time now. Typically, it pops in my head when I see someone doing what they love to do.
I used to sit back in complete awe when watching people doing what they love. Wondering over and over how they got to be so successful… or, thinking wow, look how lucky THEY are... But now, the thought has been replaced with this. When I see someone doing what they “want” to do professionally—whether it is singing, dancing, writing, acting, (can you tell what my interests’ are?) I know that the reason they have achieved success is because they are just being who they are! “What?” You say…

Think about it this way. Who are you? Are you that nine to fiver that sits at her cubicle all day just watching time pass by? Or, are you this vibrant being, one that IS a writer, a chef, a teacher? The easiest and fastest way to start being that person is to simply BE WHO YOU ARE. Accept no substitutes!!!

Often times, this is referred to as “fake it till you make it.” But the truth is you don’t have to fake it. Just be! Just believe you are that person, and then you are! As an example, I’ll provide this: let us say you want to be a pastry chef, but you barely have time to bake because you are stuck at your job all day, then you get home and have to take care of your family. Overtime, you begin to take on the identity of an employee with a stable job and benefits, with weekends and holidays off. This is now your life and worse of all, who you identify yourself as being. HOWEVER, if you decide that this is not who you are. That this is not the life you came to live. Then you will soon discover NEW ways to start doing the things you love. A note to remember: just because you’re not getting paid, it does not mean that you are not that person.  Money is not the approval stamp that determines who you are.  
However, in continuing with the above example, if someone were to ask you, so what do you do? Your answer should ALWAYS be “I’m a pastry chef.” Because once you believe it, miracles will start heading your way. That very person that asked what you do, can connect you with someone that will meet your financial needs. This is something that would have NEVER happened had you said, “I work for so and so.” Yuk!! Get those words out of your mouth and start being WHO YOU ARE. There is no other person you should be.

 Till Next Time!

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