Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Now What? What to do now that the kids are gone?

What to do now that the kids are gone? Do you ever ask yourself this question? 

Recently it's been on my mind. Although I'm not exactly an empty-nester-- yet, I'm real darn close and it's kinda sad.
For the last 21 years our entire life has revolved around our kids, and now that they're all grown up, it's really hard to let go. But I do find comfort in one thing, which is why I'm writing this post today. I want to remind all you parents who still have little ones, or are planning on having kids, to make sure you do the following.

1. Enjoy every minute you have with your kids, spend time with them and really be present in the moment. We always did this, and I think this is why I have no regrets. I don't feel like I missed out on anything. I really did enjoy every minute of their lives from birth to today. 

2. Don't forget about yourself though.
Yeah.  Be a great mom or dad, be there always! But, don't forget about the woman or man that you are. You are far more than just a mother or father. If you forget about yourself, and revolve your entire life around your kid's next event, when they no longer need you, it will hit you like a rock! And trust me, the day will come when they have their own car and they will drive to football practice, dance class, or whatever activity you raised them in. 

Anyway, I think the point is to have balance right? Balance is really the ruler of our lives. If you look at any part of your life where you seem to have some success is because you have found some balance.

Till next time,
Your almost empty-nester!

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