Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Run! Even if Your Life Depends on It!

Imagine this. Imagine for one second that experts are telling you that what you want is IMPOSSIBLE, CAN’T BE DONE; you might even DIE if you do it.  
This is just what was told to the world once upon a time when it came to running a “certain” distance in a “certain” amount of time.
Prior to 1954 the world was made to believe that if you ran 1 mile in less than 4 minutes you would die. They said it was physically impossible to do so, and because this information came from the experts, everyone believed it and obliged.
That is, until a brave soul refused to believe in the limits the world had set for him.
I’m speaking of Sir. Roger Bannister.  He did what they said couldn’t be done.  He ran one mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds.

His record only lasted 46 days.  Once they saw how this barrier was only an illusion brought on by others it became an achievable goal.
I bring this to your attention because like many of us, there’s possibly something holding you back from achieving your most desired goals.
What are those obstacles that you or your inner circle has created for you? Break free!  Be like Roger Bannister, keep your eye on the ball and don’t sway for a minute from what you want.
I’d like to ask that if you have an experience like this to let me know. If you had a moment in your life where all the odds were against you, and everyone around you said it couldn’t be done but you did it anyway AND you came out on top, PLEASE share your story here. We all love hearing of others' success stories because it reminds us of how ours is just as achievable. Help in my journey to inspiring others.
Till next time.  And Remember....

Below are a few links for you to read about this incredible story.

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