Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lacking motivation? Look no further than YouTube!

So I realized something today. I noticed that whenever I’m lacking motivation I can simply turn things around my listening to something on YouTube that relates to whatever topic I’m struggling with. (I love YouTube BTW).
For example, I really want to eat healthy, I have finally come to a place in my life where it’s not really about a diet or just losing weight, but rather about feeling the best I can. It’s not about what NOT to eat but instead of what to eat that’s good for my body. 
If you’ve been following my blog you know that I recently decided to participate in the Disney Princess Half Marathon, well, let me tell you this is hard! But I think I’m psyching myself out. Every time I take a step my knee starts really hurting. I truly believe that eating the right foods will contribute immensely to my efforts in running this race. Including, fixing my knee problem.
Needless to say I was feeling really crappy about having Startbucks at lunch time and pasta with battered chicken last night for dinner.  My body is yelling “WHY WOMAN? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US WHEN YOU KNOW IT DOESN’T MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD”.
So because I’m not very savvy in the kitchen department (which is why I always end up eating bad stuff) I turned to my reliable friend YouTube. And there I found a lot of great tips on eating the right foods. But it is much more than that for me. Frankly you can go to any book store and look through any healthy cook book and you will probably find the same or better info. For me, listening to things on YouTube pumps me up, (NOT in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger). It’s like something stirs in me that is dormant and then suddenly I’m awake again.
Here are other things I listen to, Bio’s on writers and film makers. I listen to audio books on finances such as Rich Dad Poor Dad (Great Book).  Experts speaking about healthy eating/living and/or exercising; practically anything you need some extra encouragement on.
So I very much recommend that the next time you’re lacking motivation turn to a free site to lift you up.

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