Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's not WHAT you do, its WHY you do it!

"It's not what you do is why you do it" is what the CEO of Starbucks told Oprah on Supersoul Sunday and it stayed with me. In others words, it's all about intentions! 
When you decide that you want something, do you ever stop to consider why you want it. Perhaps the answer to this question will add fuel to your desire. Or perhaps, it will make it disappear altogether.

So taking the advice of the experts, I asked myself the following questions:

What Do I Want?
Why Do I Want It?

The answer to what I want wasn't that foreign to me, that one was easy. But the answer to why I wanted those things kind of shocked me at first.

The ego, that part of you that dictates your life and makes you feel in competition with the world, that part of you that says you 're not good enough is the one that provided the initial answer to me.

It told me the reason I wanted what I want is so that I can be acknowledged by my peers, because I'm not good enough to stand on my on opinion of myself.

But when I dug deeper and shut the ego out, and got to the core of who I really am, the truth then emerged

The reason I want what I want is so that I can change lives. I want to impact your life in a positive way. I want my audience to feel happy as often as possible. I want everyone to fully live their life. I want everyone to accomplish their hearts desire. I want everyone to live a purpose driven life. I want everyone to care and be kind to one another. And not so that I can feel better or acknowledged, but so that you can feel better and be happy.

But, If I hadn't taken the time to dig deeper to find out the real reason why I want what I want, then I might have been crushed by my ego's response by suggesting that I was shallow. Your ego will tell you many things, but they are not always true. 

If you are contemplating a huge change in your life, or you are trying to reach a new goal, ask yourself those two questions and I'm sure it will set you in the right direction. However, pay attention to who is providing the answer. If it's your ego, then ask again, dig deeper, and your answer will be drastically different.
Till next time :)

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