Thursday, December 12, 2013

We Are Living Two Lives! One is awesome, the other not so much...

My mind is going a millions miles a minute. I want to talk about so many different things! Calm down mind, settle on one thing.. think think....
Okay I got it! The other day I heard someone say that we are living two lives at the same time. What?? You ask.

He (I can't remember who sorry...) said that we are living in our thought life and we are living in our physical world. I thought this was pretty interesting. And I agree. How many of us are completely different in our thought life than we are in the physical world. Some of us, in our thought life, are confident, smart individuals who have a kick-ass wardrobe, millions of dollars that help contribute to the world, have won several humanitarian awards and is constantly being acknowledge by Oprah on Super Soul Sunday. 
I wonder who that is (wink wink).
But, when you open yours eyes, you see the complete opposite of the person you know you can be. 

So it got me thinking. 

How did each of us arrive at the physical life we are living, whether you're happy with it or not, the fact is, that you have the life you have simply due to a compilation of choices you have made. Each and every single decision/choice you made in your life has given you the life you have. (for better or worse). 
Stop right there! Because if I hear you correctly, I can already hear you blaming everyone else, but yourself. I urge you to take a moment to look within, and analyze what I'm saying. 

If you stop putting the blame on others you might be able to come to some sort of resolution,  therefore allowing your "thought life" to become your the life you see with your eyes open.

So if your thought life is more exciting than your physical life then my suggestion is to take one topic at a time and analyze it. Start with identifying what the problem is, and without blaming anyone else try to figure out what choices got you there. 

Now that you've identified the problem and why you arrived there, what do you want the part of your life to look like? Plan out what choices you will make that will deliver to you the life you've been thinking about.
I'll give you a quick example.  

Physical life (your life with your eyes open)
You find yourself unhappy with your job, but you are unable to leave because you don't have a college degree and therefore you think no one will hire you. 

Instead of blaming your circumstances for why you quit school, understand that quitting school or not returning to school was all up to you, no matter what the reason. If you're excuse is no money. Not good enough. If you say I can't, I have young kids. Not good enough. YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. Which one are you making? Just think!!! 

Thought life (the stuff you daydream about)
You imagine yourself being a teacher. While at work, you picture yourself happy  knowing that you are molding the minds of tomorrow, you are fully satisfied in this career. 

If this is the life you want, then start making choices that will make it to where this is the life you see when you open your eyes. It's really that simple. 
Go for it, make the necessary changes that will bring your thought life, to your physical world!

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