Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Doubting yourself is detrimental to humanity

After doing a lot of work on myself, I am on my way to accepting that I do have pretty creative ideas. Ideas that I don’t have to keep putting down, ideas that I can accept as providing value to the world, ideas that are just as important as the next guy.

This being said, this all began when I started to contemplate one of my major blocks, which is, telling myself that my ideas aren't good enough.  Any time I have an idea it is immediately followed by that little voice telling me “it’s already been done.” For most people, this is actually one of the toughest things to get past. But in my opinion, this is the dumbest block of all.  After all, is there only ONE mall, ONE fast food restaurant, ONE style of purse, ONE style of shoe? What if we only had ONE option for everything in this world—no variety? That would not be cool. And although I see this clearly now, this was a major block to overcome.
So to this major AND annoying block I say this; we all play an important role in this world, and with our own individuality, we add color to this otherwise plain world.  No one can do “it” like you can; this is what makes you so unique. For example, you can get a burger from many different places; however, each place does it a little differently. Even if the recipes were the same, the fact that a different person is behind the wheel, this in itself will make that burger taste differently.

This mirrors everything in your life, especially when it comes to your career. At times you may think, what’s the point of doing this or doing that because it’s already been done; or, how so-and-so down the street is already doing what you want to do, but this doesn't matter.  Remember they can NEVER--no matter how successful they are--DO IT LIKE YOU.

So take a chance and believe in yourself, believe in your uniqueness and the amazing qualities that come with being you. To get yourself in motion, I believe Oprah said it best “believe, set the vision, and then achieve it.”
 Here’s to overcoming our blocks!

Till Next Time!

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