Tuesday, May 31, 2016

If Not Now, When!

Toward the end of 2015 I watched a clip of Oprah Winfrey announcing she was joining Weight Watchers. Winfrey basically said that she was not going to dwell on any past failures because each of those “failures” led her to where she was today. Her decision was steered by one thought, “if not now, when?”
Pic from our family vacation, Malibu, CA
Since we are almost half-way through the year I ask that you take stock of your year thus far. Starting today, take notice of what improvements you’ve made--no matter how big or small. Leave behind any feelings of disappointment for all the things you haven’t yet achieved. But most of all, understand that if you tried to make a change and you haven’t succeeded yet, all is not lost.

Whether you can see it or not, progress was made. A seed was planted. Now it’s time to cultivate. Reassess your goals, set deadlines and make an action plan that will thrust you straight into seeing results. Furthermore, don’t discount the changes or the progress that you have made. Sometimes you don’t even realize how much progress you’ve made because you’re focused on the BIG goal. It is wise to sit down and begin to take note of all the ways in which your life has changed for the better. For example, if your goal was to get healthy, have you improved in at least one area? Say, are you now down from five sodas to one. In order to stay on track it is important to notice all the ways in which you are moving toward your goal.

In my own life I can see progress (I can see it because I’m looking):

Being healthy and active is now a regular part of my life, not something I wish for.
I traveled (got on  a plane again and didn’t let past fears stop me)

I completed my 2nd novel, and got feedback from literary agents (this one, I’m especially proud of. I’ve only been writing since 2009 and when I send my queries out my heart is my throat. So when I finally get feedback, when they actually request my manuscript, words cannot express the relief and joy I feel at knowing that I am growing. I am changing. I am progressing.)
Had I focused on things like: well I’m still not working-out five days a week. Or I only traveled once this year. Or I still don’t have a publishing deal; I would be missing out on seeing all the good that’s happened. Focus is everything!

As I usually do, I will ask you to take the challenge of taking your life into your own hands. Take whatever steps necessary to reach your goals. Start by focusing on how great you really are: because if not now, then when?

Till Next Time.
My husband and me loving our time together at Malibu, CA


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