Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Jumping Before You're Ready

Are you waiting for the right moment to come before doing what you want? Say, take the vacation of your dreams. Move to a new city. Take a new job…

Most of us have this thing—big or small that we desire to do, yet we are holding off until the stars align. The problem with this is that we don’t realize that the moment our desire was placed in us, the stars have begun to align. These so-called stars will not truly form until we begin to take steps to fulfill our desire. But why is it that most of us sit back and wait for the perfect circumstances to appear before we take action? I believe fear is obviously at the root of this waiting game.
My Dream Vacation, London
The danger in waiting for the “perfect moment” is that IT may never come. There’s always going to be something that comes between us and that thing we want. If we allow fear to immobilize us, we may never achieve what we want, again big or small. We must be willing to jump before we are ready. 

In Lisa Nichols' book “Abundance Now” she gives an example of jumping before you’re ready.   She explains how people who jump out of planes jump out way before the parachute opens. “They fall a long way before achieving safety.  They have to give themselves this permission, to fall before they open their parachutes and soar.”

Nichols believes “jumping, regardless of the outcome is the real problem.” I agree with her. I believe this is at the core of why we sit by the side-lines, watching as others get to live the life we want. We are so afraid of the outcome, what if it’s not what I want? What if it’s exactly what I want and somehow my life changes? These thoughts confine us and make us live small.

We are all here to live the best life we can. Because by doing so, we are moving the world forward, as I previously stated in my blog Answering the Call of Inspiration.

Imagine this for a moment: Jumping before you’re ready.
The call to action this week is to simply do one thing you’ve wanted to do, and go for it without thinking of the outcome. You want to go swimming in the ocean but have been avoiding it because, well, doing so means wearing a bathing suit. And people will look at you! Simply go to the ocean and swim and don’t wait to lose the weight. Letting go of the outcome means forgetting those awful negative thoughts and just doing what you want in that moment. That moment of action will lead you to the next. Then the next. Until you are finally a person who doesn’t sit back and let life pass you by--waiting for the “right moment.” The right moment is now!

Till Next Time!

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