Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It might just be a blessing in disguise!

Hello once again, better late than never. (usually I post the blogs in the mornings)

It's been a pretty good few days. If you've read my blog "My 6 Days of Darkness," you know that I've had to accept a position that is less than inspiring. But, by taking my own advice and putting in motion the very thing a preach, I've come out on the other side completely amazed. 

So you've heard that people actually take time off to write, to where they go to some exotic or inspiring place to seek some sort of enlightenment or miracle from their work. 

Well not me. Not this lady.

I spent 7 months without working and by all accounts I was thrilled to have so much free time on my hands. But on the downside, I hardly wrote. For some reason my creative juices were not flowing. Everything felt forced. I have to write, I kept telling myself. So I would sit down, stare at a blank piece of paper and would write down something, anything, but nothing felt real. 

But since I started working, and have little time between school and work, I can't stop writing. The entire day all I do is think about my next novel; by the time I sit down to write every single word comes pouring out without any need to force them out.  

So of course, I wondered why that was. 
Well, I think for me it has to do with the amount of distraction that I engaged in on daily basis. Yes of course I am busy at work and have your usual distractions, but for the most part is just me and my music. No internet, no Facebook, no Twitter. 

In a way it's like I'm in a constant state of meditation. So just like I always do, I'll encourage you to get quiet, to have those moments of silence with just you and God. Miracles can come out of those times. Amazing creative projects can come out of moments like those. 

Because I'm so completely happy with the fact that I am writing again and that all was not lost, I want to give thanks for the position I thought was going to kill my spirit, and subsequently my creativity, because it has done the complete opposite, it has brought it back to life.

The next time you find yourself in complete chaos and disarray over a decision you've had to make, hold your horses before you go crazy and think all is lost, as the saying goes, it might just be a blessing in disguise
My blessing was the gift of writing again, and I'm grateful for that, no matter what it was wrapped in.

Till Next Time!

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