Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Time to Plan!

For those of you who are following my entries, sorry about missing last week; I had a difficult week at school and it sucked up all of my focus. So what is on my mind....

If you've read my last few entries they seem to have a theme and that is, I'm getting older and my young-ens are leaving me.  And, I'm not really handling it that well. 

But, I have to say, I feel so much better this week. I feel excited about the next chapter of my life and I am looking forward to the years ahead. With that being said, I want to touch on something I heard is good for all of us to do. Teacher after teacher recommend this be done, what is it you ask?  Plan!
As we come to the end of yet another year I will do what I've been taught, and that is, to plan the year ahead. In the past I've taken the approach of, "why bother planning it never works out," but you see, that's precisely why it never worked out for me, because of my expectancy of it not happening. 
But this year will be different, I will plan out everything from how many conferences I want to attend, to where and when I will take a vacation. Some of you may not understand the importance of me "planning a vacation" but trust me, planning something so far in advance and actually going through with it will be huge.

So give it a try, go to Target, (love Targe) get yourself a nice big planner/calendar and cuddle up on your couch with your favorite beverage

and start filling-in all the wonderful things you are going to do this up coming year. 

Once you're done you're going to feel so excited about the year ahead that I'm certain your most precious desires will manifest in the year 2014!

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