Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happiness is always an inside job!

Recently I've really been exploring the idea that happiness lies within you, and not outside of you.
But, I have a tendency of living in the "when I have ________ then I'll be happy," or "when I'm able to do ______ that will be awesome and I will be so happy." However, I'm finally starting to get it!
Have you ever been so excited for something, and then, once you get it you're kinda like, eh.... It's almost as if the feeling or excitement of getting it was better than actually getting what you wanted.

Well, according to the experts the reason why is because whenever we want "something," what we are actually in search of is the FEELING that comes with it, not the actual "thing" we think we want.  This makes it easy to see why they say that happiness lies within you and not outside of you.  Nothing outside of you can actually provide you with any happiness, it is the feeling that you have which determines whether or not you will be happy. 

So try it out. Think about something that you really want, and try to see what kinds of feelings you get. And then, see if you can get to a place where it "feels" like you already have it. See if your mood changes, if you're suddenly optimistic or excited just as you would be if you had "it." According to the experts, by doing this you activate some sort of power that will bring whatever it is that you want into your life.

However, the amazing thing about this transformation will be that although you obtained the very thing you wanted, you have a clear understanding that this "thing" was not what made you happy, but rather that happiness is state of mind that you can obtain at any time in your life. 

Most importantly don't give the power of happiness to any one thing; not money, not materialistic things, not even another person--is not fair to them.  Simply try to get to the bottom of why you want what you want, and then try to see what it is that you're feeling when you think about it. And there it will be. That's where you will find what you really want! You will see that it all boils down to you wanting to feel a certain way.
Till Next Time!

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