Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You CAN do it!

So yeah, I couldn’t stay away for too long, I missed writing down my thoughts.
For weeks now I have been watching the--oh so popular--Dancing with the Stars. And for weeks I have been falling in love with Amy Purdy-a contestant on the show that has been shocking the American audience for weeks now. What is so special about her? So what! You say? Well let me tell you what makes her so special. Aside from being a fantastic dancer, her resume reads:  A US Paralympic Team Snowboarder, Para-Snowboarder, athlete, actor, Motivational Speaker, Amazing Race Contestant Season 21; all this ladies and gentlemen with being a double amputee.  Her unfortunate story is that she contracted bacterial meningitis at the age of 19 which nearly caused her life.  But she did not die, she survived! But she did not just survive people, she has lived!!
Amy Purdy Snowboarder Amy Purdy poses for a portrait during the USOC ...
In the short time I’ve gotten to know this inspirational person (via TV and the web) one thing is clear to me, Amy Purdy does not know what the word CAN’T means. This word cannot exist in her vocabulary, for if it did, she would not have been able to do all the things that she has done.

Every single time she steps onto the dance floor she literally brings tears to my eyes, not because I feel sorry for her in any way, but because she moves me. She inspires me. She reminds me that we can do and have anything we desire. We just have to know that we CAN. Eliminate the thought of CAN’T from of your head.
Below is my favorite dance of the season, a dance between this captivating human being and Derek Hough. I hope you enjoy and hope that she moves you and inspires you as she has done me. I encourage you to have her same attitude, have a goal, work toward achieving it and live!

Till Next Time!

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