Friday, September 6, 2013

YouTube Channels I'm obsessed with!

Happy Friday Everyone!

So I thought I share with you a couple YouTube channels I am completely obsessed with. I turn to YouTube for everything and sometimes when there's nothing on TV, YouTube is all the entertainment I need. 

So here are a few channels that I love. 

This girl blogs about beauty and all items that have to do with us girls. I love her personality and love to see what's next.   You must check her out. She reviews things like drugstore make up and lets us know if it's worth our money or not. You don't always have to buy Mac!!!
Next is a girl that I couldn't stop watching when I first came across her channel. I never thought I would sit there and watch as other people showed me their collection of makeup or how they decorate their closet, but, I sure did sit there and watch. FOR HOURS.  She has over 1.1 million subscribers, proof that many just like me find this channel appealing and keep coming back week after week.
And finally we have someone that not only did I sit for hours watching but my husband and son did too. 
Why you ask? Because there's something about her, trust me you can't stop watching her videos once you start. She's an actress and a writer who is completely driven to make it in this business. She's very creative and entertaining.

Her channel led me to another channel that she appears in with her boyfriend Ray William Johnson. And if you think her videos are addicting, wait till you see this one. We literally watched all the videos in one day. 
And Runaway Planet turned us on to yet an even bigger channel that he's part of.  This channel is dedicated to a web show called Equal Three.
This show is awesome, he takes two popular media styles, YouTube and Blogging and he combines them. Just like Tosh.O,  Ray provides commentary over YouTube videos that have gone viral. His channel is so popular that he has over 10 million subscribers. YES! 10 million and climbing, but it is well deserved. 

I don't know what the weather is like where you're at, but where I'm at, it's bad. It is storming and coming down hard, so I'm staying in and checking out my favorite channels.  

So if you're staying in too, then head over to YouTube and checkout these channels. If you're looking for some girly stuff ,then my two girls mentioned above are just for you.  But, if you're looking for funny then Anna, Ray and Equals 3 is just what you need. 

Till next time :)

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